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Home Blog High-converting ecommerce landing page templates

High-converting ecommerce landing page templates


The landing page concept has rooted down in the digital marketing world and is known for being a highly effective tool allowing you to make your marketing campaigns successful and to boost your conversions.

Every decent landing page has essential elements that should not be missed out on as they have their proper functions.

Headings are supposed to quickly grab attention and make visitors interested in your product or service. Considering that “you only have 8 seconds to make an impression on a landing page”, it truly needs to be intriguing and powerful.

Clearly outlined solutions eradicating customers’ problems arranged in bulleted lists or any other transparent and easy-to-digest form prove the value that your offer can introduce to your customers’ lives.

A visible and catchy call to action (CTA) is supposed to result in action from users. A nice and not too demanding lead generation form allows visitors to subscribe or to purchase from you right away.

All of the above elements are an essential packet that every prominent landing page needs in order to be highly converting and powerful. Lacking any of them may decrease landing page quality and effectiveness.

Nevertheless, it is also recommended to add certain features that will allow you to further increase the quality of your landing page, stand out from the competitors and make your ecommerce business thrive.

Truth be told, although essential elements will stay the same in every case, its final look and additional elements that can make your landing page more effective will differ across industries.

And what are the best ecommerce landing pages practices?

The best ecommerce landing page templates

Ecommerce landing pages are created strictly for persuading users to purchase your offer. Therefore, their primary goal is selling products and services.

They should:

  • be devoid of any elements that may distract visitors from the main goal,
  • have a clear and easy-to-navigate structure,
  • display powerful elements persuading visitors to purchase,
  • fit into the industry they operate in,
  • clearly prove the value to customers.

They can use various elements in order to meet their goal. Let’s look at the best ecommerce landing page examples.

Universal ecommerce landing page template

What this landing page ecommerce template does well:

appealing value proposition at the top quickly grabs visitors’ attention,
clear CTA button “buy now”, reiterated a few times on a landing page, enhances the message,
fine photos show the products so customers won’t feel they are about to purchase a pig in a poke,
clear price is given in a straightforward way that inspires trust,
an additional incentive for purchasing “free delivery” (you can also create a sense of urgency by establishing a time limit)

This LP template is extremely versatile and can be applied to various product offers. It’s straightforward, concise and effective. It clearly presents the value of products and imposes a purchasing action from visitors.

Beauty products ecommerce landing page template

What this ecommerce landing page template does well:

  • bright and visible CTA at the top and at the end – if visitors are not attracted right away, it reminds them to do so after they are familiar with the offer,
  • social proof reinforces the value of the offered product and adds credibility to the offer,
  • the value proposition with icons facilitate the understanding of the key benefits of the product,
  • subtle and feminine landing page design perfectly fits into the industry.

This ecommerce landing page template can perfectly serve its purpose of selling any beauty products. It’s exquisite and uncluttered which makes it easy to navigate and to make visitors purchase the products.

Electronics ecommerce landing page template

What this ecommerce landing page template does well:

  • attention-grabbing and convincing headline with a big discount offered works as a teaser,
  • straightforward and visible CTA at the top and at the bottom reminds visitors to take action,
  • clearly outlined primary benefits prove the value of the offer,
  • clear and intuitive structure and nice design increase the quality of user experience (UX),
  • featured images do a good job of previewing products.

This ecommerce landing page template can work great for selling all types of electronic products. Its minimalistic design makes visitors focused on the offer and easily persuade them to finalize transactions.

What this ecommerce landing page template excels at:

  • eye-catching and delightful headline invites visitors to check out the new collection,
  • featuring products with professional images encourage visitors to make a purchase,
  • enticement to share on social media channel allows to reach a wider audience,
  • subtle and uncluttered landing page design makes it neat and easy to digest.

This ecommerce landing page template perfectly fits all fashion-related ecommerce stores. It has a simple but organized landing page design with delicate pastel colors. It is free of any distractions which makes it effective for selling.

E-accessories ecommerce landing page template

What this ecommerce landing page template does well:

  • catchy and concise headline with unique selling proposition works as a teaser to discover the offer,
  • product description makes people interested and engaged,
  • clearly outlined benefits prove the value of the product,
  • CTA is put at the top, but also after quoting the benefits which boosts the likelihood of selling,
  • CTA is bright, visible and clear.

This ecommerce landing page template is responsive, intuitive and nicely-designed. Its main focus is one product and it clearly proves its value. It can work great for selling all types of e-accessories.

Luxury product ecommerce landing page template


Here’s why this ecommerce landing page template works well:

  • it has a catchy and straightforward headline that grabs attention,
  • visible CTA quotes the price and imposes an action,
  • key strong points of the offer are presented with matching icons and it makes them more convincing and understandable,
  • landing page copy also includes persuasive value proposition,
  • the discount at the end is related to the offer and significantly increases the probability of selling.

This ecommerce landing page template can work well for luxury watches, but, once you change the colors and icons, it can also fit into other luxury products as well. Its minimalistic design leads visitors through the offer familiarizing them with the key benefits and value that comes with the product.

Kids products ecommerce landing page


Why this ecommerce landing page template is effective:

  • the eye-catching heading is strongly related to the offer,
  • CTA at the top indicates the main goal of the landing page and encourages to explore the offer,
  • landing page design is strictly related to the kids products,
  • a short landing page video does a good job of quickly explaining the features of the product,
  • quality of the products is shown into breaking it into smaller elements and proving their lawlessness,
  • testimonials add credibility and increase the value of the product.

This ecommerce landing page template fits perfectly into the kid products industry. Incorporating video into a landing page can even increase conversions by 86% which makes the template highly powerful for ecommerce purposes.

Jerzy Żurawiecki

Content Specialist

Jerzy Żurawiecki is a marketing content expert with over 3 years of experience in digital marketing and landing page creation.
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