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Home Blog [CASE STUDY] Almost 50% conversion from landing pages – infoShare Academy

[CASE STUDY] Almost 50% conversion from landing pages – infoShare Academy


Company name: infoShare Academy
Industry: education, software, technology
Market: Polish

The software industry is constantly developing, right?

At the moment, it’s hard to predict whether this trend may end soon. The demand for good programists is increasing and so does the amount of people willing to retrain to IT jobs and learn how to code.

InfoShare Academy is a company that directs their education services to complete beginners, enthusiasts and to experienced programmers. Their original idea was to create a place with content valuable both to those making their very first steps into the world of coding and those willing to explore new coding techniques or languages.

What was the reason for their landing page to convert constantly and efficiently? How did they create a landing page with a 50% conversion rate? Let’s check this out!

Problems and needs

Firstly, it’s necessary to point out that infoShare Academy had an experience of creating offline workships in conference rooms and training centres. However, it was the pandemics and all the minor inconveniences it came with that made the company move their services to the Internet.

On the one hand, we continued organising live online classes, simply moving our trainings to the internet, to the places our clients can access, which are cheaper, scalable, and that allow us to reach even more interesting market niches than before.

Jakub Kłos, infoShare Academy

One of the needs that Jakub and Kinga brought attention to was the necessity to create landing pages ASAP. Why was that? They have already faced enough similar situations when there was no time to pass tasks on to programmers or graphic designers. And so, it became necessary for them to find a dedicated tool for such ASAPs.

Landingi allow us to create a functioning page that responds to our needs in just a few hours.

Kinga Bobrowska, infoShare Academy

Is the landing page design important?

To be honest, ugly landing pages do exist. And, somehow, they do sell, because what matters most is whether a problem of a customer on the other side of the screen is being solved on a landing page. Anyway, we care about design, although it is not the most important factor.

Jakub Kłos, infoShare Academy

Both Jakub and Kinga are convinced that design – although important – should not be the most important aspect of a landing page. What’s more crucial is the ability to keep the user’s attention and get across the value and the offer’s details.

An important element associated with design is a tried-and-tested scheme of a landing page. Its function is to maximize the page’s clarity and comprehension. One way to do this is to place a form above the page fold and make it fully visible.
Another thing to keep in mind while working on design is to prepare landing pages in line with the appearance of:

the ads which direct the user onto the landing page,
the platform that the client will end up on eventually.

See how the screenshot below matches the one above (blue color, font, cubes in the background).

InfoShare Academy landing pages results

Even the most beautiful landing page is useless without results. It’s true that the design helps to gather leads, but it does not guarantee that. Taking this into account, let’s now check how our guests’ landing pages perform:

There are further examples, of course, but what matters the most is the fact that the results are repetitive. It can be seen especially when it comes to landing pages that gather signups for courses, webinars and workshops. Twenty percent conversion rate is the lowest score that can be observed in the statistics. Actually, the conversion rate often was more than forty – sometimes almost fifty percent!

In this particular case, over 600 leads were gathered (from 1300 visits), and 300 people have taken part in the webinar. This means that the overall leads efficiency equaled to almost 50%.


Perhaps the most important conclusion from using the Landingi’s solutions by infoShare Academy was the fact that landing pages made their work easier. How exactly does it work?

Our website has been designed in such a way that it is not always easy to change a given element whenever we feel like doing so or need it. However, Landingi editor allows, for example, to move a section above just like this, with just a few clicks. If we decide that the training’s agenda is important to the viewers, it is possible to move it within the site in a couple of seconds.

Kinga Bobrowska, infoShare Academy

An attractive product, well-thought marketing solutions and proper tools are the basics necessary for every marketing campaign to succeed. In the infoShare’s case, everything worked just as planned. The company managed to move their education courses to the internet and to adjust their offering to the new reality we’re now facing. Keep up the good work!

Kasia Hajok

Content Specialist

Kasia Hajok is a content expert with over 2 years of experience in digital marketing. Passionate writer, creator, and book lover.
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