Landing Page of the Week #2 – Bring Back The Mammoth

Last updated: June 29, 2022 Written by: Kasia Hajok

If you thought that start-up ideas couldn’t get any more… well, creative, Colossal and their laboratories are here to prove you wrong. Colossal is a genetic company that raised $15m in order to bring back mammoths to Earth. And, of course, they created a landing page to tell you more about it!


Did the landing page find the way? Let’s find out:

  • Great opening section explains what the idea is all about: we will have the woolly mammoth alive again. Isn’t it exciting?
  • However, the page is a bit lengthy (and although it’s not as large as the Arctic, it may be challenging for some visitors to read it all).
  • Scrolling through the landing page feels like visiting an interesting exhibition in Natural History Museum (who would have thought landing pages could be educational?)
  • And there are testimonials and opinions from scientists to help us understand the complex idea.
  • But aren't they forgettin' somethin'? The page could really use a better call to action than a simple form to sign up for a newsletter.

Check out this landing page by yourself and...


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