Landing Page of the Week #59 – It’s high time we talked about vet on demand

Last updated: December 2, 2022 Written by: Kasia Hajok
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    Are there any pet lovers around?

    If so, you are going to find this review twice as interesting as usual. We'll talk about Vetster's landing page and discuss its strengths.

    But first, let's briefly explain what Vetster is.

    What is it all about?

    Online doctor appointments are nothing new anymore. And so, it was a matter of time before someone got the idea to introduce the world to virtual check-ups for pets as well. Vetster is one of a few startups that bring this idea to life.

    This page's aim is to redirect you to a place where you can book an online visit for your pet 24/7.

    1. A few versions depending on location

    This landing page is available in a version for the UK, US, and in two Canadian variants. There are minor differences in a few sections – you can have a closer look at the example below.

    Of course, if one wants to create such a landing page, it's best to duplicate it in a landing page editor and then make changes.

    2. Chat widget

    The whole online vet appointment idea is new, so it makes perfect sense to assume that the visitors are going to have many questions about how the service works. It's better to give them an easy way to ask than risk them leaving the page.

    3. More reasons to trust them

    If you scroll down the page, you can go to another page and discover the results of a survey with insights from one thousand Vetster users and pet care professionals. The company is not just a booking site – they actually care about pets and provide you with meaningful info.

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