Components of an effective landing page

June 22, 2015 3 min read Written by: Avatar Rafaela Acar
Table of contents
Table of contents

A Landing page is only one page which within a few seconds has to persuade the visitors to take the offer it presents. Thus we have little place and time, and therefore we cannot afford long explanations, arguments, and presentations. Hence, you should find out what the landing page must include:

1. Headline

The first component of the landing page which welcomes the visitors is the headline. In a short sentence, it develops the information presented in the advertisement and introduces the contents of the landing page. The headline must be comprehensible and interesting because it decides whether or not the user will move on to the rest of the message.

2. The most important values

The next component is a list made of short sentences referring to the most important values delivered by the product/service. The purpose of these elements is to distinguish the offer from other offers. The Internet users do not read the information they find there, they only scan it, and therefore it is important to use the space for the content of the message skillfully and economically. More in the article: Selling with content – how to create an effective text for a landing page.

3. Call to action

The most important component is the action button – call to action. The purpose of the landing page is to direct the recipients so that they click this button, because it completes the action. Hence, you must make sure that the button is well distinguished with its size and color, and the text on it should encourage the visitor to click it. The landing page should have one particular action button, which can be repeated lower on the page in the case of longer landing pages.

4. Graphics

A distinguishing feature of the landing page is attractive graphics. It is important that it matches the content, because then the visitor will know the subject of the landing page, even without reading the text. Depending on the type of the offer, the best option is to present the product/service in context.

5. Testimonials

By placing testimonials on the landing page you increase the credibility of the company.  A short presentation of an opinion, specific completed projects, or received awards confirm the competence of the company, increases the visitors’ trust and makes it simpler for them to decide and take the offer.


Each landing page which presents an offer should have the above components. Remember that the most important ones – the headline, the values, and the call to action button – should be placed in the area accessible without the need to scroll down. Below this area there can be additional information, accessed by the most interested visitors. If you follow these instructions, your landing page will be properly structured.


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