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Home Blog How to Create a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for Your Business in 2023?

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for Your Business in 2023?

A Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is a key factor that differentiates your offerings from competitors, enticing customers towards making a purchase or subscribing to services. Discover how to develop a compelling UVP that captures and converts your target audience.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, businesses need to do more than just offer a great product or service. They need to stand out and effectively communicate their unique value to potential customers. A simple correction to UVP messaging may result in a conversion rate increase of 33.8% (Eisenberg, The Value of a Unique Value Proposition, 2008)! On the other hand, 88% of marketers don’t communicate products’ UVPs properly (Rius, How to Create a Unique Value Proposition in a Crowded Market, 2021). How can you steer clear of them?

Enter our guide to unique value proposition (UVP) and learn how to create a compelling UVP that resonates with your target audience in 2023.

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Key Takeaways

  • Creating a unique value proposition is essential for businesses to stand out in the market and attract customers.
  • It should be composed of customer pain points, product benefits, and differentiation from competitors.
  • A successful UVP requires clarity, relevance, uniqueness and credibility to effectively communicate the advantages of a product or service.

What is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

A unique value proposition (UVP) is a concise statement that underlines the specific benefits and advantages of a product or service, making it distinctive from competitors and catering to customer needs. It can also be referred to as a unique selling proposition, vital to setting a business apart from its competitors and zeroing in on the specific needs of its market.

In essence, a UVP acts as a positioning statement, guiding customers in their decision-making process by highlighting why the offered solution is beneficial and setting the business’s offer apart from competitors.

What is a Value Proposition in Simple Words?

Simply put, a value proposition is a business’s pledge of value to its customers, justifying their choice over competitors. It encapsulates the distinct advantages and value a product or service delivers to its target customers, addressing different value propositions for different customer needs and preferences.

According to Impact, 69% of B2B companies have established value propositions (R. Sukhraj, What Makes Up A Killer Value Proposition?, 2016).

For instance, notable unique value propositions include Coca Cola’s “Taste the Feeling”, Nike’s “Just Do It”, and Amazon’s “Low Prices, Wide Selection”. These proposition examples showcase the power of a strong unique value.

How do you Create a Unique Value Proposition?

Now that you know what is a unique value proposition, we can step further into the process of formulating a UVP. It includes pinpointing product uniqueness, comprehending key elements, and integrating robust components to convey value to customers effectively. It begins with recognizing the unique advantage that a product or service offers, which is not available with competitors’ products or services, and identifying the target customers who would benefit from this advantage. By doing so, you can craft a value proposition that resonates with your audience and sets your business apart from the competition.

For an effective UVP, clarity is vital, as it should answer questions about its purpose, targeted audience, and usefulness. Clarity is paramount, as a well-crafted value proposition is a crucial component of a successful marketing strategy. It’s also important to consider less tangible benefits and emotional drivers that may appeal to your customers. With comprehensive competitor analysis and customer research, you can formulate a unique value proposition that addresses customer pain points and sets your business apart from its competitors.

There is no universal value proposition template but it is usually a block of text consisting of certain elements such as:

  • a headline clearly describing the end benefit you provide your customers with. It should be attention-grabbing (almost like pop-ups are). Typically, 8 out of 10 people are drawn to the headline copy, and only 2 of 10 read the rest of the page! (Copyblogger, How to Write Magnetic Headlines, 2018),
  • a subheadline or a paragraph explaining in details what you offer, to whom and why it is useful.
  • bullet points proving the value coming with your product.
  • a visual element such as a video or an image-enhancing your message.

UVP should be presented as clearly and as often as possible. Don’t forget to convey it through various marketing channels and test separately for each of them. It’s a niche where you can easily outperform your competitors since, currently, only 20% of them test UVPs independently for each medium (R. Sukhraj, What Makes Up A Killer Value Proposition?, 2016). Tests will provide invaluable insights into which UVPs bring the highest conversion rates.

What Makes Your Product Unique?

To identify your product’s uniqueness from competitors, examine factors like innovative features, superior quality, or outstanding customer service. Understanding these unique qualities will help you craft a value proposition that showcases the exclusive benefits of your product or service.

Furthermore, pinpointing your target customers, including your ideal customer, and customizing your UVP to their particular needs and preferences is of utmost importance. By doing so, you can effectively reach the right audience and communicate the unique value your product offers, ultimately leading to higher sales conversions and customer satisfaction.

What are the Key Elements of a Good Value Proposition?

No matter what is the unique value proposition in specific cases, it should encompass the following key elements:

  • Clarity
  • Relevance
  • Uniqueness
  • Credibility

As per Exploding Topics, 81% of consumers need to trust a brand in order to make a purchase (J. Howarth, 33 New Branding Statistics and Trends for 2023).

It is essential to clearly communicate the benefits and advantages of your product or service, ensuring it is relevant to your target customer’s needs.

Additionally, your value proposition should be unique and differentiate your business from competitors, focusing on the distinct benefits that only your product or service can provide.

Lastly, credibility is vital since customers need assurance that your business can fulfill its promises and deliver the value articulated in your value proposition.

What are the 3 Components of a Strong Value Proposition?

We’ve done with unique value proposition definition, so it’s time to get a bit closer into practice. Perhaps you’re curious about crafting a powerful UVP. There are three components of a strong value proposition:

  1. Properly identified customer pain points: Addressing customer pain points allows your business to demonstrate empathy and understanding of their needs.
  2. Highlighted product benefits: Product benefits showcase the advantages your product or service offers.
  3. Clear differentiation from competitors: Differentiating yourself from competitors helps to highlight what sets your business apart.

Setting yourself apart from competitors is pivotal, underlining the distinct aspects of your product or service that distinguish it from others in the market.

By incorporating these three components into your value proposition, you can create a compelling message that resonates with your target audience and drives customer engagement and loyalty.

What are the 4 Elements of a Value Proposition?

A value proposition comprises four elements:

  1. Target customer: Identifying your target customer enables you to tailor your value proposition to their specific needs and preferences.
  2. Problem statement: The problem statement highlights the challenges your product or service aims to address.
  3. Solution: Your value proposition should clearly articulate the solution you offer to the customer’s problem.
  4. Unique selling points: Highlight the unique features or benefits that set your product or service apart from competitors.

What are the 5 Value Propositions?

In various contexts, UVP meaning may pertain to:

  1. Product: focuses on the features, quality, and performance of your product
  2. Price: highlights affordability or cost-effectivenessJ. C. Penney experienced a 20% drop in sales due to the withdrawal of discounts, sales, and coupons from their pricing (Asper Brothers, What Is a Unique Value Proposition? How to Write a UVP With Examples, 2023).
  3. Service: emphasizes excellent customer service and support
  4. Relationship: builds strong relationships with customers through personalized interactions and loyalty programs
  5. Image: creates a positive brand image and reputation

Pro-Tip #1: Support your UVP with relevant images, videos and QR codes that reinforce the message. Make sure the visual elements are high-quality and professional. You could use a content slider to make things easier to explore.

Pro-Tip #2: Supporting Content While the UVP itself should be concise, you can elaborate on its key points in the content that follows. This can help you maximize the benefits of AI in content marketing. Use bullet points, icons, or short paragraphs to break down the benefits and features that make up your UVP.

What is an Effective Value Proposition?

A potent value proposition:

  • Conveys the maximum value or benefit customers can derive from a company’s products, surpassing competitors’ offerings
  • Is a clear and concise statement that describes the benefit of your offer
  • Explains how you solve your customer’s needs
  • Highlights what distinguishes you from the competition.

In order to be effective, a value proposition should be relevant to your target audience, addressing their pain points and providing a unique solution that sets your business apart from competitors. By crafting an effective value proposition, you can significantly increase conversions, foster customer loyalty, and drive business growth.

What is the Best Type of Value Proposition?

The superior type of value proposition is one that is:

  • Lucid
  • Pertinent
  • Distinctive
  • Catering to customer needs
  • Setting the business apart from competitors

It should be easy to understand, effectively communicate the unique benefits of your product or service, and resonate with your target audience on the corresponding landing page. Check out how startups do it on their websites.

By crafting a value proposition that focuses on these key characteristics, your business can effectively stand out in a competitive market, attract and retain customers, and drive growth and success.

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What is the Most Important Value Proposition?

The paramount value proposition is one that:

  • Strikes a chord with your target audience
  • Efficaciously communicates the distinct benefits of your product or service
  • Addresses the specific needs, preferences, and pain points of your customers
  • Differentiates your business from competitors.

A well-crafted and relevant great value proposition can significantly impact your business’s success by attracting and retaining customers, increasing conversions, and fostering brand loyalty.

UVP Best Practices: Dos and Don’ts

The best practices for crafting UVP include testing and adjusting your messaging to your audience, while the worst mistakes to avoid are overpromising, meaningless formulas, and being blind to your competitors’ moves. Let’s take a bit closer look at both sides of the coin.


  • Test and Iterate: A/B testing can help you determine which UVP resonates most with your audience and drives the highest conversion rate.
  • Align with Customer Needs: Your UVP should speak to the primary needs or pain points of your target audience.
  • Be Consistent: Ensure that your UVP is consistent across all marketing channels.


  • Overpromise: Making claims you can’t substantiate will erode trust.
  • Be Vague: General statements like “We’re the best” don’t tell the customer anything useful.
  • Ignore Your Competitors: Know what your competitors are offering so you can highlight what makes you different.

Actionable Checklist for Maximizing UVP Impact

  • Link UVP to a CTA: Ensure that your Unique Value Proposition is directly connected to a clear Call-to-Action (CTA).
  • CTA Placement: Position the CTA prominently near the UVP for easy visibility.
  • Use Action-Oriented Language: Opt for clear, compelling verbs like “Get Started,” “Learn More,” or “Shop Now” in your CTA.
  • Contrasting Colors: Utilize contrasting colors for the CTA button to make it stand out on the page.
  • Incorporate Social Proof: Place testimonials, reviews, or trust badges close to your UVP and CTA to reinforce credibility.
  • Test and Iterate: Use A/B testing to find out which UVP and CTA combinations are most effective.
  • Consistency Across Channels: Make sure your UVP is consistently presented across all marketing channels.
  • Monitor Performance: Regularly check analytics to measure the effectiveness of your UVP and CTA, and make adjustments as needed.

What are Examples of Unique Value Propositions?

Many successful companies have effectively leveraged their UVP to stand out in the market and attract potential customers or retain existing ones. These examples serve as inspiration for businesses looking to craft their own powerful UVPs.

What is Coca Cola’s Unique Value Proposition?

Coca Cola’s UVP resonates with consumers worldwide, contributing to the company’s enduring success and widespread recognition as a leading beverage brand.

Tough, at first glance, it may not be evident what is a UVP in their case, but you will grasp it immediately while looking attentively at their ads’ heroes and all these happy faces.

Coca Cola’s UVP is its iconic, refreshing taste that brings people together. The company has successfully built a global brand around the concept of refreshing beverages that foster connection and happiness.

What is Landingi UVP?

Landingi platform includes a wide range of marketing tools and features, but it is known worldwide primarily as a landing page builder.

Instead, however, of creating landing pages, in their UVP the company bet on clear benefits related to it: effective lead generation process and converting visitors into customers. It’s a clear message to those who are unaware of the platform’s outstanding power for businesses.

What is Nike Unique Value Proposition?

Nike’s unique value is its commitment to innovation and performance-enhancing products for athletes. The company has effectively positioned itself as a leader in the sportswear industry by focusing on the development of cutting-edge designs and technologies that improve athletic performance.

Nike’s dedication to innovation and quality has resonated with athletes and consumers alike, resulting in a strong and loyal customer base.

What is Amazon Unique Value Proposition?

Amazon’s UVP marketing is not very spectacular, as the platform’s values are widely known worldwide and throughout different audiences.

Amazon’s UVP is its vast selection, convenience, and fast delivery. The company has built its reputation on providing customers with an extensive range of products at competitive prices, coupled with rapid and reliable delivery services.

This focus on convenience and variety has enabled Amazon to become a dominant force in the e-commerce industry, offering customers a seamless shopping experience unlike any other.

What is Google Unique Value Proposition?

The core is the ability to provide comprehensive and relevant search results quickly. The company has revolutionized the way people access information by utilizing its powerful search algorithms to rapidly scan through billions of webpages and deliver the most relevant and comprehensive search results. Last time, Google expanded vastly in the marketing field.

Google’s commitment to providing users with accurate and timely information has solidified its position as the world’s leading search engine.

What is Apple Unique Value Proposition?

Unique value propositions in high-tech industries often refer to innovative design, user experience, and seamless integration of products and services. This is how Apple builds its brand messaging. The company has established itself as a leader in the technology industry by consistently introducing groundbreaking products and services that emphasize ease of use, outstanding customer service, and integration across devices.

Apple’s dedication to innovation and exceptional user experience has earned it a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellence.

What is Netflix Unique Value Proposition?

Netflix’s unique value proposition (UVP) includes:

  • Personalized streaming content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Vast selection of on-demand content
  • Tailored recommendations
  • Seamless viewing experience across devices

To find out what is UVP, simply explore brand messaging: ads, headlines, landing pages, etc. Some of Netflix UVPs greet potential customers visiting their home page from the very beginning.

The company has transformed the entertainment industry by offering these features.

Netflix’s commitment to providing quality content and a personalized viewing experience has made it a global leader in the streaming industry.

Why is Unique Value Proposition Important?

A unique proposition value is crucial as it aids businesses in distinguishing themselves in a competitive market, drawing in and retaining customers, and efficaciously conveying the value of their products or services. By crafting a compelling UVP, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors, appeal to their target audience, and foster brand loyalty. Furthermore, a strong value proposition can significantly increase conversions, facilitating faster business growth and long-term success.

In addition to its impact on business growth and customer acquisition, a unique value proposition also plays a crucial role in shaping customer perception and overall brand image. By effectively conveying the value and unique benefits of a product or service, businesses can create a positive experience for customers, guaranteeing their satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty.

Sometimes, UVP is also utilized by non-profit organizations: churches and religious communities, charities, etc. It’s the key element on fundraising or donation pages.

Its significance is particularly increasing now that 86% of people ignore paid advertisements (Demand Sage, 170 Digital Marketing Statistics That Matter, 2023). UVP looks like a perfect alternative for them.

Does Value Proposition Relates to the Price of a Product?

We’ve already covered what does uvp stand for, but one more frequently asked question remains unanswered. Does the UVP resonate with the product’s price?

Although the value proposition can correlate with a product’s price, it is not restricted to it.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”,  Warren Buffet

A value proposition encompasses all aspects of a product or service that provide value to customers, including:

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Convenience
  • Customer support

A powerful value proposition can help validate a higher price point, while a weak value proposition may necessitate a lower price point. Ultimately, the value proposition should be consistent with the price to create an attractive offer for customers.


Crafting a unique value proposition is essential for any business seeking to differentiate itself in a competitive market and attract loyal customers. By understanding the key elements and components of a strong value proposition, businesses can effectively communicate the unique benefits of their products or services, resonating with their target audience and driving growth. By learning from successful examples and focusing on what sets a product apart, businesses can create compelling value propositions that lead to long-term success in the marketplace.

Last but surely not least, you should note that genuine and properly crafted UVP is one thing, but another one that highly influences its effectiveness is its proper placement. In a world where 2.56 billion people shop online (Oberlo, 2023), you must propagate your UVPs online (regardless of spreading via other marketing channels)!

Landing Pages (…where UVP May Shine to the Max!)

One of the ideal destinations for UVPs is a landing page, which is designed as an efficient conversion tool to turn visitors into customers. It’s a perfect place to grab some leads via forms or allow your clients to finalize a purchase. A landing page is a must for big companies of worldwide fame and start-ups as well.

With Landingi, you can create landing pages with no code drag-and-drop builder empowered with a wide range of AI capabilities like, for example, on-page copy and SEO generation tools. Along with over 300+ customizable templates for various businesses, A/B testing, and event tracking features, it gives you all you need to take a major step ahead in your business journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of unique value propositions?

Examples of unique value propositions include Uber’s “The smartest way to get around,” Apple iPhone’s “Experience IS the Product,” Stripe’s “Payments infrastructure for the internet” and Trello’s “Helps teams move work forward.”

What are the 5 value propositions?

The five value propositions are productivity, profitability, image, experience and convenience. These can help businesses increase their bottom line and create positive experiences for customers.

How do you write a unique value proposition?

To write a unique value proposition, start by putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and identifying their main problem. Explain how your product or service can offer a solution and why it is different than your competition. Be clear and specific with your messaging, and don’t forget to include a headline summarizing the main benefit of your product. Finally, test and refine your UVP as needed.

What are the key elements of a good value proposition?

A good value proposition should be clear, relevant, unique, and credible for maximum effectiveness.

What is the most important value proposition?

The most important value proposition is the one that connects with your audience and highlights the unique benefits of your product or service.

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