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How much does a Landing Page Cost: Landing Page Price in 2024

Landing page cost can differ significantly based on whether you opt for a basic, advanced, or custom design. Find out the average expenses for each type and decide if you should build it yourself for free or engage a professional agency.

Landing pages have become a true must-have in the toolkit of every marketer. This comes with no shock, given that – according to Techjury – having several pages of that kind brings 7x more leads compared to going without any (H. Kiran, N. van Hout, 33 Landing Page Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2024). Hence, the interest in the subject is still on the rise.

How does it impact the prices of landing pages in 2024? What factors make them cost-effective or highly expensive? Do you need professional services to build a landing page? Is it, actually possible to create it for free? In this article, you will find answers to these and a bunch of related questions.

Let’s get to it!

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How much Does it Cost to Create a Landing Page?

In 2024, landing page creation costs differ from $0 to $2,000, depending on the complexity of the design and the level of customization required, as well as on the way of creation.

If you decide to build your landing page on your own using a platform like Landingi, you can create a fully-featured and effective one at no cost. With paid plans giving you more power, tools, and extended limits, the average price may jump to $100-200 monthly.

If you hire a professional designer or web design agency services, the price may reach up to a few thousand dollars. WebFX reports that most prestigious brands or designers may charge you more than $3000 (2024 PPC Landing Page Pricing: How Much Do the Best PPC Landing Pages Cost?).

What Factors Influence the Cost of Developing a Landing Page?

Landing page development cost may be influenced by factors such as overall landing page project, web design used, included functions and features, responsiveness, and costs of additional services like hosting, integrations with other tools (CRMs, analytics, e-mail platforms, etc.), or optimization for search engines (SEO), UX and conversion rate (CRO). Let’s cover it more thoroughly.

Note that all the factors mentioned below apply primarily to hiring marketing, design, or landing page agency. If you bet on platforms like Landingi, Unbounce, and Instapage, you may significantly reduce costs while your pages will still be of high quality. To unlock all the features and avoid limits (traffic, leads, etc.), sometimes you will have to buy a paid plan, but after all, it’s typically a few times more affordable than hiring design or web agencies.

1. Functionality and Features

The more complex and numerous the functionalities and features you want on your landing page, such as interactive elements, multimedia content, or e-commerce capabilities, the higher the cost. Each added feature requires additional development time and expertise.

2. Complexity of the Design

A visually intricate design with custom graphics, animations, and unique layouts will increase the price. High-end designs demand more time for creation and technical implementation, reflecting in the overall cost.

3. Content Creation

Producing original, compelling content for your landing page, including text, images, and videos, can be resource-intensive. Professional copywriting and multimedia content creation are essential for engagement but add to the expense.

Info: In 2024 (UK), one page of copy optimized for SEO and conversion costs at least £100 ($126,33) or £50-£75 ($63,16-$94,75) per hour of copywriter’s work (T. Blake, The cost to work with a decent copywriter in the UK).

4. Timeline and Urgency

Projects with tight deadlines often incur higher costs due to the need for expedited work. Rushing a project requires developers and designers to prioritize your work over others, leading to premium charges.

5. SEO Optimization

Implementing SEO strategies to enhance your landing page’s visibility in search engine results involves keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO, all of which require expertise and time. SEO experts are one of the most paid specialists in the digital marketing realm.

Pro-tip: In Landingi, you can generate titles, metadescriptions and keywords for your website with AI based on its content. Learn how to improve your SEO with AI Assistant.

6. Hosting and Domain

The cost of hosting your landing page and purchasing a domain name is relatively minor but essential. Premium hosting services and sought-after domain names can increase these costs.

It’s another field, where the top landing page platforms surpass web design agencies, as they often offer a range of integrated hosting solutions.

7. Integration with Other Systems

Connecting your landing page to CRM systems, email marketing software, or payment gateways requires technical work. The complexity of these integrations can significantly impact the price.

8. Responsiveness and Mobile Optimization

Mobile traffic’s market share continues to surge. In some industries, the majority of users access sites via smartphones or tablets instead of desktop PCs. Thus, ensuring your landing page looks great and functions well across all devices, especially mobiles, is crucial. This optimization requires additional testing and design adjustments, contributing to the cost.

9. Developer’s Experience and Location

Experienced developers and designers command higher fees, particularly those based in regions with higher living costs (USA, Switzerland, Norway, etc.). Their expertise can enhance the quality of your landing page but at a higher price.

10. Testing and Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing of landing page design and its operation across different browsers and devices to ensure flawless performance can be time-consuming. Quality assurance is critical to the success of your landing page but adds to the development cost.

Alternatively, you may perform tests yourself, using dedicated tools like VWO, Optimizely or A/B testing tools available in landing page building platforms.

11. Maintenance and Support

Ongoing maintenance and support for updates, bug fixes, and improvements are crucial for keeping your landing page effective over time. This continuous service is typically charged as a recurring fee or on an as-needed basis.

To summarize, landing page cost depends mostly on its features and the number of specialists engaged in the process. If you are looking for cost-effective solutions, hire a freelancer or choose one of the best landing page platforms to build landing pages yourself.

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What is the Average Price Range for a Basic Landing Page?

The average price range for a basic landing page can vary depending on the service provider and the design requirements, but usually, rates lie between $0 (a few landing page builders with a free plan) and $500.

If you opt for a landing page specialist agency, a basic landing page can cost around $400 (based on current Reddit discussions). This price usually covers the design and development of a simple landing page with basic features.

Freelancers, particularly those on platforms such as Fiverr, provide a broad price range. You can find landing pages with prices ranging from $50 to $2,000, with an average price tag of $350. This option can be a cost-effective solution for businesses on a tight budget, but it’s essential to carefully review the freelancer’s portfolio and customer reviews before hiring.

Another option is using a landing page builder, which could cost anywhere from $0 to $399 per month, depending on the chosen provider and plan. Offering a range of pricing options, these builders are a convenient choice for businesses with varying budgets. It’s a good practice to check the platform’s reviews before subscription. You can read a multitude of helpful reviews on portals like G2, TrustPilot, or even Product Hunt.

What is the Average Price Range for Advanced Landing Page?

The average price for an advanced landing page depends on the service provider and the design requirements, but usually, rates are between $1160 and $10,000. The first threshold is the annual subscription cost on Landingi‘s Professional plan, which gives you all you need to create high-converting landing pages with advanced features. The latter applies to the top web development companies in United States. Hiring a professional web developer with a high reputation is placed somewhere in the middle at this scale.

Additional costs for an advanced landing page can include premium themes and security solutions.

What’s the Estimated Cost Range for a Custom-Designed Landing Page?

The estimated cost for a custom-designed landing page is within the $500-$3,000 range, where the first value regards spending on a yearly subscription in top-tier landing page platforms, and the second value pertains to hiring agencies or skilled freelancers.

If you go with the latter scenario, bear in mind that various factors, including the complexity of the design, level of customization, and the inclusion of additional features, influence costs.

On the other hand, buying a subscription in Landingi or Unbounce equips you with a set of tools to build and customize your landing on your own, and there are no additional fees behind it. Templates, forms, images, buttons, text boxes, counters, and many more elements will always be at your disposal. You can also use custom codes to incorporate more advanced customizations.

How do Design Complexity and Additional Features Impact a Custom Landing Page’s Price?

Design complexity and additional features can significantly impact a custom landing page’s price. Landing page projects adjusted directly to your individual needs typically cost more than those designed according to the idea of the professional service provider. The priciest elements among the most popular ones are:

  • Customized design (videos, infographics, images, etc.) and branding elements (logotypes, visual identification strategy, brand colors, etc.),
  • Custom forms and calculators (especially those requiring user interaction and backend integration for functionalities like instant quotes or personalized assessments),
  • Interactive elements such as animations, dynamic content, motion effects,
  • Optimization for performance (responsiveness, page loading time, Core Web Vitals, etc.).

Info: In Landingi you can not only build effective landing pages on your own but also hire a landing page design expert, who will create for you a custom landing page that fits your needs in every aspect.

What are Typical Costs for Creating a Landing Page Using a Builder?

The typical costs of creating a landing page using a builder range from $19 to $399 per month. The cost can vary based on the chosen platform and package. Online landing page builders offer a scalable cost option that caters to different budgets and expectations. Typically, the higher the price, the more advanced features or limits are enabled. To have a clearer view on the subject, take a look at the pricing for various plans in Landingi and Unbounce:

What are the Hidden Costs in Using DIY Landing Page Builders?

Hidden costs of using DIY landing page builders include:

  • additional costs for extra tools or features,
  • time consumption and,
  • limited design capabilities (if you need very specific designs or unique solutions, you’ll probably need to hire an agency or professional web development company).

Extra tools or features like analytics, A/B testing, unique templates, advanced integrations, or security systems increase the overall costs of creating sites yourself using landing page or web builders. These costs may be included in higher subscription plans or arise from the need to utilize paid addons or engage third-party services.

Another hidden cost in DIY landing page creation using a builder is time investment. Although a solid drag-and-drop builder like Landingi or Instapage provides you with intuitive work using a friendly interface to build professional pages, you’ll need to spend some time on the creation process. How much exactly? 10-20 minutes for a very simple template-based landing page. Up to 6-8 hours if you’re aiming for a highly customized page with many features.

While landing page builders are a cost-effective solution that offers quick development and setup through user-friendly interfaces like drag-and-drop editing or pre-made templates, their customization capabilities are limited. Nevertheless, this matters only if you aim to craft an advanced landing page that will be a true design masterpiece. For the other 99% of use cases, a landing page or web builder will be more than sufficient.

Is it more Cost-Effective to use a Landing Page Builder or Hire a Professional Designer?

Generally, using landing page builders is more cost-effective than hiring a professional designer. However, both options come with their own sets of benefits and drawbacks, and the most cost-effective solution will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Landing page builders offer an affordable and user-friendly solution for businesses that need to quickly create landing pages. They usually come with a range of pre-designed templates, allowing you to build a landing page without any design or coding skills. However, their customization options can be limited.

On the other hand, professional designers offer a higher level of customization and expertise, but their services are usually much more expensive than landing page builders.

How much does Landing Page Content Cost?

The average landing page content cost in 2024 ranges from $500 to $1000 (Jeremy Mac, The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Copywriting Rates in 2024). Of course, you can also find the most affordable offers, especially outside the US market. Another option is generating content for free using AI generators.

If you decide to hire a copywriter or webwriter, note that factors such as content quality, length, and the esteem of the service provider can cause a great variance in the cost of their services.

Can I Create A Landing Page for Free?

Though it’s technically possible to create a landing page for free, true no-cost options are seldom found and usually have limitations. Most free options offer basic features and limited customization, making them a less ideal choice for businesses looking to create a unique and professional-looking landing page. Certain platforms that offer free plans or templates for landing page creation include:

  • Landingi,
  • Wix,
  • SITE123,
  • Squarespace,
  • ConvertKit,
  • Adobe Express,

What features can you find in free plans, and what kind of limits do they have? For example, in Landingi you can:

  • publish one fully-featured landing page,
  • connect one custom domain and SSL,
  • have 500 visits/month,
  • access 30-day data tracking,

Free plans are a good starting point for businesses on a tight budget.

What is the Cheapest Way to Create a Landing Page?

Undoubtedly, using landing page platforms is the cheapest way of landing page creation. Whether you opt for a free plan or a paid one, both of them will be more affordable than hiring professional services. The same page ordered from a digital marketing agency will be more expensive than its clone created by yourself using Landingi or Wix.

Should I Pay for a Landing Page?

If you need a professional business landing page, you should subscribe to a paid plan in the selected landing page platform or pay for third-party services.

If you can’t afford to hire a digital marketing or web development agency, consider collaborating with a freelancer. Platforms like Fiverr offer a wide range of freelancers with different skill sets and pricing models, making it possible to find a freelancer that fits your budget.

Generally, deciding on paying for a landing page should be based on your specific needs and budget. Cheap or free options may be fully sufficient for small businesses or as a starting point for expected expansion, while paid scenarios look to be more reasonable for medium or large-scale businesses or if you need design perfection along with the most advanced tools and features.


As you see, the cost of creating a landing page in 2024 can range from a few (or even zero!) dollars to several thousands, depending on various factors. Whether you choose to use a landing page builder, hire a freelancer, or engage an agency, each option has its own cost implications. While free and cheap options are available, they may come with limitations and may not offer the same level of quality as paid options. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider your specific needs, budget, and potential return on investment when deciding how much to invest in your landing page.

As a final remark, note that most of the landing page building platforms have free plans or trails, so you can test them out before spending any money. Try Landingi for free and answer yourself whether creating landing pages with a builder fits your needs or not.

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