Landing Page Builder – fast setup, easy to use in just a few minutes

Create engaging users' free landing pages using Landingi's intuitive drag-and-drop visual wizard. With the help of our landing page builder, you will create a unique website design to support your brand's online presence and ongoing marketing efforts.

Other landing page builders can be expensive, complicated, and hard to use. Ours isn't.  

Best landing page builders from Landingi - beautiful landing pages

The best landing page builders from Landingi

Our landing page software provides a positive user experience and effectively supports your sales efforts. We know that finding a landing page platform that is simple to set up and easy to launch while giving you the ROI you need is challenging.

That's why, at Landingi, we drive the user experience of our landing page creators first and foremost. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface will allow you to create high converting unlimited landing pages and quickly launch functional, responsive pages even if you've never made a sales page before.

Creating beautiful landing pages has never been so easy -

Creating landing pages has never been so easy!

Create beautiful unlimited landing pages in minutes using ready-made page templates. Then, personalize their design by adding colors and slogans in line with your brand to quickly deliver information about your products and services to the market.

Build landing pages faster using dynamic text replacement on a custom domain with the AI powered smart builder which will help you with the best results of google analytics.

Get it done right with the landing page builder by Landingi

Total creative freedom, automation options, and shorter time to build a high-converting landing page – that's just a part of it.
high converting landing pages - drag and drop editor

Create your own landing page

You can use the landing page platform to design a page for your product or service and to promote your client's business. Designing landing pages has never been so intuitive!

On marketing campaigns and marketing tools falls the creation of free landing pages with advanced features which is one of the most important improvement for business online.

This is also a good opportunity for small businesses to expand their marketing funnel and learn mobile traffic with mobile-optimized templates.

You choose a landing page template, make personalization by entering your texts, collect leads, add videos and page design, editing graphics, and adjusting the landing page for mobile devices, and you can start your promotional activities right away for your online store.

Landing page builder from Landingi provides total creative freedom, automation options, and integration with external tools such as HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, BaseLinker, PayPal, WooCommerce, Airbnb, Typeform, Zoom, and others.

drag and drop editor - use best landing page tools

Custom landing pages - create them as you wish!

Browse the landing page templates available in the page editor and create engaging advertising messages for your audience! With a landing page generator, positioning your website and generate leads will become simple and bring maximum benefit to your business.

Build pages that reflect for your campaign performance, capture leads from free landing page and this will pop up quickly with boost conversions. That's gonna be interesting for your potential customers thanks to this free option templates from Landingi.

You don't need to be a developer or graphic designer to create landing pages tailored to your industry and support your marketing efforts. 300+ conversational, fully customizable templates for every industry and page purpose await you at Landingi.

Other landing page builders won't give you as much flexibility and won't give you the ability to create landing page funnels. So choose Landingi and boost your business!

If you want new subscribers and more customers then develop your skill level with drag and drop builder, and try free landing creator for 14 days! Plans start immediately after subscription and all the information about standard plan you will find on your account and email list.

builder personalized landing pages and professional landing pages

Increase revenues with landing page software

Just creating a landing page is only the beginning. The effectiveness of your advertising and sales campaigns also depends on optimizing your efforts. Quickly measure, test, and improve landing page performance directly from the dashboard available in Landingi software.

Our sales page generator effectively supports users in achieving KPIs, giving you the tools to streamline your work and increase the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.

Not having to build landing pages from scratch definitely reduces work time and speeds up promotional execution. You are only a few clicks away from achieving sensational results in line with your budget!

So start building different content than the old one to see real results with mobile optimized drop landing page.

Important testimonials from users

Let’s check what about our landing page builder says users

“I feel Landingi has a very good balance of capabilities and interface speed. The number of integrations with third-party apps is also really good. ”

Luc Devoto
Founder at TrueCounsellor

“Quick and easy to create, design and launch landing pages and has helped to increase conversion rates on our sites. ”

Mark Neale
Head of Paid Marketing at Adtrak

“Nice templates you can customize, and a true pixel-perfect WYSIWYG editor means if you can dream it you can build it. ”

Christopher Rush
Account Manager at Off2Class

“We build, launch, analyze and integrate our landing pages with multiple tools from our marketing stack. Our clients have been satisfied with the time of delivery, the quality and the results. ”

Alfredo Castro
Marketing Ops & Tech Manager at MarketLogic

“Landingi is incredibly easy to use, it allows building landing pages in minutes without the need for any web developer skills. ”

Marius Ghitulescu
Growth Hacker at eJobs

Build your main page in 5 simple steps

try the best landing page tools that will allow you to build a dedicated landing page

1. Build landing pages for a purpose

Do you know where to start designing landing page sites? By defining your purpose. Selling a product, getting contact information, signing up for a newsletter, downloading an e-book, or signing up for a pre-sale list? The possibilities are many.

So define a measurable goal you want to achieve, choose a target group, and start creating landpages by automation features and other tools. Sales page builder from Landingi allows you to create an unlimited number of landing pages from a blank canvas or ready-made templates tailored to your goals and industry and effectively supports the landing page funnel.

2. Custom landing pages for your brand

Personalize your sales pages a little or a lot – it's up to you. Go beyond the basic building blocks with a library of drag and drop page elements like fonts, images, advanced forms, widgets, timers, and more. In addition, you can add custom CSS, JS, and HTML coding for more advanced landing pages.

Using the landing page software and integrating it with different widgets, you can implement effective promotional campaigns that will be the best recommendation and attract new customers. Notably, the whole team can work on the project!

3. Optimize landing pages for increased conversions

The heart of almost every landing page is a form. Create a proper one, and continuously capture valuable leads. Paying attention to this element is crucial. Drag and drop the "form" widget and click "settings" to add or remove custom fields to get your visitors' most essential contact data. You can also set up one of the integrations available in Landingi.

This way, you will quickly acquire vital data in promotional campaigns, which helps build sales funnels and retarget. In addition, developing landing pages yourself in Landingi is faster and cheaper than using designers and developers.

4. Create a thank you page in the landing page editor

When creating landing pages, remember the importance of saying thank you after customers convert to your site. This is the perfect place to add up-sells and cross-sells, showcase new products or inform sales page visitors about upcoming events.

Landingi's software includes a dedicated thank you page, which you can access from the landing page platform. So choose the best landing page builder and create a sales funnel that boosts your users' experience.

5. Launch the landing page!

When creating a page, remember to test it. At Landingi, we provide a one-click preview of your designed landing pages on our test server.

What's more, you can also quickly launch your sales page on your WordPress site, embed it on your server, or host it on Landingi's server.

Once your landing page is live, you can measure key metrics with the help of an intuitive and user-friendly analytics dashboard, run A/B tests and see which variants are winning.

Then, before you select the final version, choose custom landing pages that best suit your target audience and KPIs. Want to find out if Landingi is worth using? Enjoy a 14-day trial period for free landing creation!

300+ customizable landing page templates

Advertising & Marketing desktop
Advertising & Marketing popup
Advertising & Marketing mobile
Real estate landing page
real estate popup
Real Estate mobile landing page
Education webinar LP
Education webinar popup
Education webinar mobile
Finance landing page
Finance popup
Finance landing page on mobile
Sports discount LP
Sports discount popup
Sports discount mobile

Key landing page features that make work easier

Learn more about the possibilities of our platform


Catching users’ attention may be more effortless with easy-to-build popups. Create one and use it for several landing pages or external websites.

You can also duplicate it with one click, then edit and make dedicated popups for each campaign. Use triggers – display a popup at a certain scroll depth or try an exit-intent popup to prevent users from leaving your landing page.

A/B/x Tests

There is always something to improve in landing pages ‒ try different headlines and CTAs or replace an image with a video. But instead of rushing into changes, do an A/B test and compare the two versions.

This will give you the whole impression, tell you how many people visited each landing page variant, what the conversion rates were, and which one is better and more likely to deliver leads.


Create marketing funnels to categorize and collect the most engaged leads from visitors to your landing page.

Use our landing page funnel builder to design and plan the entire user path - from the stage of building awareness, determining needs, encouraging them to perform a specific task, and finalizing an action.

Landing page grouping

Need many landing pages and don't want to search through a long list of them? Try landing page grouping to keep things organized and make it easier to find what you or your colleagues need.

The landing page grouping feature greatly increases work efficiency. Necessary data is always at hand, so preparing new campaigns, landing pages, or editing existing ones becomes quick and easy.

One-click duplication

Work efficiently when creating multiple landing pages for different purposes. Duplicate entire landing pages or selected sections. Paste them into other websites to save time.

One-click duplication feature is just as useful for daily work as drag and drop editor. It makes building landing pages ‒ including mobile landing pages or landing page funnel ‒ take little time and quickly deliver valuable leads.

Custom code

While we've done our best to create software suitable for non-programmers, there are no limitations if you have coding skills and want to enhance your landing pages with elements coded from scratch.

Our landing page creator is ready for HTML and JS - add your codes wherever you need them. The landing page editor is prepared for third-party developers so that your sales page ultimately supports the execution of the adopted KPIs.

Make use of the best landing page builder out there

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