Landing Page of the Week #27 – Call to Hogwarts

Last updated: June 29, 2022 Written by: Kasia Hajok
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    This week, we’re reviewing a landing page about the upcoming game set in the Harry Potter universe. Since PlayStation released the first official gameplay reveal, the hype for the game grew significantly higher.


    Click here and conjure the landing page.

    Then, come back to this email and read the review.

    The magical bits:


    CTAs that encourage visitors to create their own magical story (“define your legacy”). It’s not just about buying a game, it’s about making an impact in a wizarding world.


    Inviting the community to Discord. This app is getting more and more popular not only among groups of friends but also as a community-building tool for companies.


    Magical headers that match the landing page’s extraordinary theme.

    What is way too mundane:


    Finding a contact form on this landing page could be considered just as hard as catching the Golden Snitch on a quidditch field. Perhaps it would be easier for the visitors to leave their contact details if the form was more visible.


    A pop-up where you can pick a country is a bit confusing, especially since some countries are named in their official language, and some in English.

    Landing Page of the Week is a series where I review various examples of landing pages from the web.

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