Landing Page of the Week #24 – Did reMarkable 2 do the trick? ✍️

Last updated: June 29, 2022 Written by: Kasia Hajok
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    What is there to talk about this week?

    You might have already guessed that my job is mainly about writing, and sometimes also about writing. No wonder the famous YouTube algorithm came up with an idea to overflow me with reMarkable 2 ads. It's a tablet you can use for (you guessed it!) writing.

    I followed a link to their landing page and, I admit, they had my curiosity.

    But did they also have my attention?

    Read on!


    Click here to open this page in a new tab.

        What was good:


        Great opening line. It presents a fresh idea and evokes curiosity. How is it possible that a tablet feels like paper? Well, you have to read on to find out.


        Reviews filter. It allows to sort  the reviews. You can display only the opinions on the features you're curious about.

        What didn't work for me:


        Huge discrepancy between the price for the basic version and the price for the whole bundle. I understand that quality products cost more. What I don't understand is that the product's price was "starting from €299" while a package I chose for myself would have cost me over two times' more.


        Misleading flag icon. Changing a country icon does not result in changing either the language or the currency. Not really helpful or user friendly.

        To sum up, I just wanted to let you know that I had a chance to try out this device and I loved the experience. However, the landing page could have been much better, especially in terms of justifying the price and presenting the additional items' features.

        Landing Page of the Week is a series where I review various examples of landing pages from the web.

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