Landing Page of the Week #56 – Do landing page rules apply to musicians?

Last updated: November 14, 2022 3min read Written by: Kasia Hajok
Table of contents
Table of contents

Funny thing, the music industry. The songs stay the same, but the distribution ways are changing. Who would have thought that vinyl albums would become fancy while CDs would turn outdated?

Why do I mention this?

Well, business is business – technology is changing, but artists still have to promote themselves if they want to make money.

Let's look at a landing page where we can learn more about Taylor Swift's Midnights. Which products, apart from the music, are being promoted here?

What is it all about?

Taylor Swift released a new album. On this landing page, you can order vinyls, CDs, and merch, and learn about the upcoming tour.


What tips do we have for you based on this landing page?

Experiment with the brand the artist

Musicians don't have to stick to strict brand rules. Actually, it's pretty common that their albums are in a bit different styles. If the fans are used to this fact, they aren't going to feel confused about the fact that their artist changed their look for the new album. This leaves plenty of room for creativity and fresh ideas like lilac colors and flowery backgrounds.

Create an exclusive collection

Oh, people love collecting things. There are four editions of the same album to collect, with extras inside the package. Of course, only the most engaged fans will buy every single piece of the collection, but giving them the option to choose a personalized version is a nice touch.

Don't go lazy with the merch

I'll keep it simple. I love this merch's aesthetics.

No, actually, there's one more thing I'd like to add from the marketing point of view. Putting lyrics on t-shirts might start some exciting conversations like "whose poem is that" or "where did you get this shirt from" – and we all know what word of mouth is able of when it comes to building product awareness.

Find unique features to bring attention to

Midnights is Taylor's 10th studio album. Calling the live tour The Eras Tour doesn't sound like an exaggeration. It makes a tour feel like an important event you wouldn't want to miss.

Landing Page of the Week is a series where I review examples of landing pages from the web.

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