Landing Page of the Week #30 – It’s Thursday, So Let’s Discuss Monday

Last updated: June 29, 2022 Written by: Kasia Hajok

If you did not find yourself on any landing page about a piece of software for better work organization, you have most likely never been to the Internet. These apps grow like weeds – at times, I feel like they overtook my LinkedIn feed entirely.

It’s high time I reviewed one of such pages.

Did Monday’s landing page surprise me? Read on!


Click here and see this landing page.

Then, come back to this email and read the review.

What is even better than a productive Monday morning


Videos present the app’s capabilities way better than any screenshot could.


This section encourages visitors to stop and think about how Monday could help them.


Simple registration process. It took me less than two minutes to register, and no credit card was required.

What proves that Mondays will be Mondays


Overall, the landing page looks similar to other SaaS landing pages. It makes the product look very generic.

Landing Page of the Week is a series where I review various examples of landing pages from the web.

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