Landing Page of the Week #18 – Slovakian McDonald’s Is Looking for You

Last updated: June 29, 2022 Written by: Kasia Hajok
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    How about some food for thought?

    In this episode of the Landing Page of the Week series, we’re taking a look at a job offer landing page from McDonald’s Slovakia. You know, Slovakia, a small country in Europe. Are there any Slovakians reading this? 😉

    Landing pages may be used whenever you encourage people to do something. If your goal is to get as many job applications as possible, landing pages are the way to go. How well did McDonald’s do? What would be good to keep in mind when creating a recruitment landing page?


    I’d like us all to focus on possible challenges the creators of this landing page were facing. That’s right, let’s address the elephant in the room. You know, there is this stereotype around all these part-time jobs at fast-food chains that grilling burgers from seven to eleven is not everyone’s dream job.

    So, instead of trying to change our views completely or overflowing us with meaningless slogans, this campaign does things a bit differently.


    Click here to open this page in a new tab. 


    What I'm lovin' 🍔:

    • Employee-oriented content. This page isn’t trying to force you to change your mind about fast-food jobs. Instead, it leaves you with an interesting question what might your reason to start this job be?
    • Addressing possible objections straightforwardly and presenting the pros of the fast-food job you wouldn’t think about at first (flexible schedule or making friends).
    • Diversity of employees presented in the photos. Instead of just reading about how diverse the team is, we get to actually see real people who work at McDonald’s.
    • Neatly designed marketing funnel: from selecting the “What will yours be” button to choosing the person you identify with, and then browsing through job offers.
    • A vocabulary quiz for foreign workers. (I scored 3/5!)
    • Testimonials from former employees who now pursue their careers in different companies, and still have warm feelings about McDonald's ("Skills for life" section)

        But where’s the beef?

        • The page’s navigation is a bit counterintuitive. Things start getting tricky when you try to find a “get back” button.

        Landing Page of the Week is a series where I review various examples of landing pages from the web.

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