Landing Page of the Week #12 – Who Cares About Black Friday? Just Dance! 💃

Last updated: June 29, 2022 Written by: Kasia Hajok
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    Hi there,

    I’m still standing!

    If you remember my latest email, you may be aware of my "dangerous" walk on thin ice while describing Landingi’s Black Friday landing page. 😉 If not, you can read it here).

    But let’s keep our feet on the ground – at least for now. 🤸‍♀️ This week, I came across Just Dance’s landing page. And I thought its assessment might be of use to you when you brainstorm ideas for your next landing page.

    Let’s rate Just Dance’s landing page!


    🕺 What makes me feel like dancing in the streets:

    • The design fits the industry. It’s true that some will find the page too flashy, colorful and bright, but true dancing fans interested in the product are going to like it.
    • There is a lot of human factor and product in use (groups of friends using the app to dance).
    • It looks easy to get started – the copy states I can “instantly access” the game without a gaming console or TV. Tried and tested. Works on MacBooks. I approve.

    🚫  What steps out of line:

    • It’s hard to say from this page alone how exactly you’re supposed to play the game, score points, or “beat the dancers from all over the world”. That’s one piece of information I’m missing.
    • Not-so-good finish line. I understand that creators wanted me, the visitor, to check out all the Just Dance’s social media, links and devices to play on, but honestly, one huge CTA encouraging me to start playing now would be enough.

    Wanna check out this landing page?

    Put on your dancing shoes!


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