You and your clients deserve safe infrastructure

It's not easy to collect data on the Internet properly. Especially if you are doing online marketing. You need to make sure you are using a tool that keeps you safe.

We keep an eye on the status of the platform

Do you want your landing pages to handle a lot of traffic? Choose Landingi. Here you can check the status of the platform's performance at any time, and receive notifications in case of platform emergencies. We maintain 99.96% uptime.

We will take care of your landing pages' performance

Landingi's infrastructure is secure and constantly updated. The pages you create with us will be stable and attract customers who pay attention to online data security.

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Let's Encrypt will ensure an encrypted connection to the page and the transmission of data in encrypted form. This is particularly important if you are using forms and collecting data. Without proper care of the personal data, there can be no well-run and legitimate marketing campaigns.


GDPR regulates how individuals and organisations can obtain, use, store and delete personal data. So if you're collecting leads on landing pages, use tools that are compliant with the GDPR – like Landingi.

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We use Amazon Web Services to maintain the Landingi platform. Proven and solid solutions guarantee high uptime and a fast-loading editor. And this ensures that your landing pages will perform well and that you will be able to edit them quickly and efficiently.

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