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Last Updated: 22 Feb 2019

How to add a Google map?

1. Once you’ve located your Google map address, click the “Share” button and copy the link into the “Place Map” tab.


2. Add the”Custom HTML” element in the editor of your landing page, paste the copied link and save the changes.


2. Publish your landing page and make sure where your landing page displays your map.


3. If it interferes with other elements, go back to the editor and move the map, re-publish the landing page, and make sure the item is in the place where you want. If not, move the map element again.

Add a Google map with a few locations

1. Type ‘Google My Maps’ in the search engine. Once you have searched, click the red button ‘Create a new map’.


2. Type in a selected location and click the “Add to map” in a pop-up window, when it is found. Enter other locations the same way, if you need (it will appear in the left panel).


3. Once you have added all the locations, select ‘Share’ in the top left corner of the window, put a selected name and mark it as public on the Web. Then click ‘Save’ and ‘Done’.


3. Now, you will see the name of the map which you just added, in the upper left corner. Click on the three dots icon and select “Embed on my site” from the dropdown list. Paste the link to your landing page just like above (using the “Custom” widget).


4. When you paste the HTML code, publish your landing page as we showed above and check that the map is displayed correctly.

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