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Last updated: September 13, 2023 Written by: Magdalena Dejnak
Table of contents
Table of contents

AI Assistance is a Landingi solution that simplifies and speeds up the process of creating landing page content. It consists of AI-powered tools to help you with text writing, SEO title and description creation, and image background removal.

What AI tools can you find in Landingi?

In Landingi, you can use the following AI-powered tools:

  • AI + Text
  • AI + SEO
  • Image background removal
  • PageInsider

AI + Text

The AI + Text feature generates content based on your prompts. For accurate results, the tool needs some information from you. While it can function with minimal data, providing more thorough input will yield more detailed results.

Read our guide on generating texts with AI.

Landingi AI Assistance for text generating


The AI-powered SEO feature generates meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords for your landing pages using the existing content on the page. To do this, the AI requires headlines, descriptions, and other text as prompts.

Read the whole guide on the AI-powered SEO generator.

Landingi AI Assistance for SEO generating

Image background removal

Removing an image background is an option available in the Image widget settings. All you have to do is access your image gallery, click the three dots icon, and select the Remove background option.

Read the guide about image options.

Landingi AI Assistance for image background removal


PageInsider is an AI-based feature that enables you to optimize your landing page before publishing it. It helps you understand your users and their interactions on the page.

Learn more about PageInsider.

Landingi AI Assistance for analyzing pages before publishing them

Explore our AI tools in action with interactive demos.

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