Image gallery

Last Updated: 16 Jul 2019

Pictures added to the image gallery can be located anywhere on the landing page, although we recommend to group them in one particular section.

1. Select the first image which you want to put in the gallery. When you click on the item, go to the widget options, which are visible on the right side of the editor. Select On click (1), then choose the option Image gallery (2) from the drop-down menu.


2. The object is automatically assigned to the gallery called landingi-default.


3. You can change the name of the gallery. It may be useful when you plan to put more than one gallery to the landing page. Then, you can quickly distinguish which object is displayed in a particular image gallery.


4. Select the next images, which you want to add to the gallery and repeat the previous steps (choose an image and change it’s on click settings to Image gallery). Remember to choose the same gallery name as before. After landing page publication, images will be displayed in the image gallery.

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