Managing users

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2020

As an account owner in Landingi platform, you can add to your account other users as well.

I. What are the users’ permissions?

User is able to create and edit landing pages and manage leads. However, the user cannot manage the account, remove it, pay for subscription nor create additional users. If you want to learn more about user types in Landingi platform, check the article here.

II. How to add a user to the account?

1. Log in to Landingi platform as an owner, click on your profile at the topbar and then go to Users tab.


2. Click on the button Add new user; set its name, password, language, and subaccount (only on agency plans), then click on Add.


After successfully adding the user, he will appear in the list of all users.

Remember: as an account owner you should pass to the user his login data – this data is not sent to the new user automatically.

III. How to manage users?

From the level of Users tab you can manage added users:

  • Click on the plus icon to assign an additional subaccount to the user or remove permission to work on a given subaccount (1).
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit user’s data like name or password (2).
  • Click on the trash icon to delete the user (3).
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