User types in Landingi for all plans

Last updated: August 11, 2023 Written by: Author Patrycja Szurgacz
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      In the Landing platform, we distinguish several types of users. Below you can view user permissions depending on your plan.

      For business clients

      For agency clients: the Agency plan

      To learn more about how to manage users, check the following guides:
      1. User management for the Agency plan.
      2. User management for other plans.

      Designer permissions and limitations

      As a Designer, user can:

      • publish and unpublish landing pages, pop-ups, and lightboxes;
      • change landing page's URL;
      • access a dashboard;
      • prepare A/B tests (excluding turning them on and off);
      • add scripts.

      As a Designer, user can not:

      • set an info bar;
      • set a redirection to a different URL;
      • access a landing page Page Settings in the editor;
      • change pop-up publications options (e.g., URL or trigger)
      • access a lead list.

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