User management for Core, Create, and Automate plans

Last updated: December 6, 2021 Written by: Avatar Marta Szeliga
Table of contents
Table of contents

As the owner of an account, you can add users with limited access to some features of the platform.

What are user permissions

In the Landingi platform, we distinguish several types of users depending on your plan. The table below specifies the user permissions for Core, Create, and Automate plans. You can learn more about users for the Agency plan HERE

How to add a user

1. Log in to the Landingi account as the owner, click on your profile in the upper panel, and then go to the Users tab.

2. Fill out the fields:

1) In the Add field, enter the email address of the next user.

2) In the Password field, give the new user the password to log in.

3) In the Next field, select the user type and click Add.

How to manage users

From the Users tab, you can manage your users: add new (1) or delete current (2) users.


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