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4 ideas for a great About Us page content

September 5, 2014 Paulina Kamińska 3 min read

1. Create history

People tend to think that the “About us” page should be very formal. Wrong! How to write the “About us” page and build a positive image then? This is the place where we have a chance to show ourselves at our best and it doesn’t necessarily involve dry facts about what you deal with. Think of the “About us” page as of a place that you’d rather call “Our history.” Make it short but from the heart. It will be good if it makes the reader smile or take a liking to you.


How to create great "About us page"

It can also be a short movie showing what you deal with (like Pinterest).

2. Introduce the team

Especially if you run an online business (but not only) it’s good to show the ones that actually form it on an everyday basis. If your customers don’t meet the team face to face, it will be easier for them to make contact. Try to introduce your team in the most natural way possible, using interesting, beautiful photos, writing about what particular members of your team do every day. Absolutely avoid copying photos from stocks – this is the biggest mistake you can make.


Zrzut ekranu 2014-08-25 o 15.33.12

3. Mention the customers/show recommendations

What does a contemporary customer take into consideration while taking a decision to make a purchase? The answer is simple: other people’s opinions. References left by customers can positively influence the company’s image to a significant degree, but they can’t be stilted and wishy-washy because the viewer will immediately realize that something is wrong, e.g. that the comments are fake.


Intercom handled this task very well, where the attention is given mainly to people, not brands.

Zrzut ekranu 2014-08-26 o 10.08.35

4. Be consistent

Lastly, remember about one thing. The “About us” page must be consistent with the whole message that you send. For instance, if you run a law firm, your clients may not appreciate your team dressing up funny because it won’t look professional. If you deal with organization of events or parties, something crazy is absolutely welcome. And the most important thing about the entire communication should be the human face 😉


Paulina Kamińska

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