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Home Blog [CASE STUDY] Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V – That’s How I Like It – Artur Jabłoński

[CASE STUDY] Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V – That’s How I Like It – Artur Jabłoński


Company name: Artur Jabłoński, Digitalk agency
Industry: e-marketing, communication, education
Market: Polish

Artur Jabłoński is an online marketing expert, trainer, lecturer, and a social media & content marketing agency’s owner. His agency, Digitalk, provides a broad range of digital marketing services to customers.

Artur has been sharing his knowledge for years now, conducting training on, e.g., Facebook ads and social media marketing actions. He’s also an award-winning conference speaker (he took part in Polish marketing events: I Love Marketing, Market Trends, Kongres Online Marketing), the author of ‘How To Write So That They Read (And Buy)’, ‘Effective Advertising on Facebook’ and the co-author of ‘To Understand Marketing’ (books written in the Polish language).

How to effectively use landing pages? When do they prove to work a whole lot better than standard websites? Let’s find out!

Problems and needs

Going freelance often requires a freelancer to develop some competencies and become more competitive to offer complementary services to the customers. The possibility to enhance competencies was precisely what Artur needed in times before he got to know Landingi.

After quitting the previous job in an agency and jumping into the freelance life, Artur realized he needed to deliver a complete package of services to his clients in order for them to reach their marketing and business goals. Making use of the Landingi platform was exactly what he required.

The possibility to create a landing page making use of pre-made templates, without the need to design anything or to have programming skills – that was what made both Artur and his clients’ work easier.

Driving traffic to a non-optimized landing page does not guarantee conversions and achieving results you’re responsible for.

Artur Jabłoński, Digitalk

The possibility to quickly prepare landing pages with the assistance of the Landingi editor has frequently been a starting point for the whole marketing campaign prepared for a given customer.

Is the design important?

Design is essential for meeting the objectives set by clients. Artur Jabłoński frequently faced difficulties when it turned out that the client’s website is outdated, its navigation is complex and complicated, and the content is chaotic.

Any traffic driven to such a website (a website that does not fulfill its primary purpose – being persuasive) may jeopardize the whole marketing campaign.

Because of this, when Artur Jabłoński was preparing a landing page for one of his clients, Bałtyk Health Resort in Kołobrzeg, he put design and content first and created a page where the most important information was presented in a very attractive and user-friendly way. What was the result? The service advertised on this landing page (a health resort package) sold out three months before the campaign’s estimated end date.

When the page’s design reminds me of the 90s – and not in a good way – to me, it is meaningless to direct any traffic to such a place.

Artur Jabłoński, Digitalk

One time offer that resulted in the conversion rate of over 50%
How about a landing page that inspired the whole marketing campaign?
Artur Jabłoński mentions a particular example of how to make use of a well-designed landing page to enrich one’s offer and make full use of its potential.

A landing page where you can download a free ebook “Efficient Remarketing On Facebook” (written in Polish) is an element of a self-financing marketing campaign making use of a One Time Offer (abbreviated as OTO).

What exactly is this campaign model about? After the visitors download a free file, they are directed to another landing page instead of the usual thank you page, and they are shown a special offer: a possibility to buy additional materials at a special price.

The idea of using OTO to win more customers is being utilized by many marketers, with varying degrees of success. Was it successful for Artur Jabłoński? Given the number of collected leads and, above all, the conversion rate, it is fair to say: yes, it was.

This campaign generated more than 1,000 leads already, and the conversion rate reached over 50%.

Artur Jabłoński, Digitalk

Landingi as a marketer’s vital equipment

Landingi is one of my favorite tools, and I cannot imagine a marketing campaign where I would not make use of it.

Artur Jabłoński, Digitalk

What are the perks of using Landingi as a marketing tool in your daily work?

  • Creating landing pages on your own using beautiful templates without the assistance of your IT team
  • The easiness to adjust landing page’s elements to the current campaign’s needs
  • Various integrations with external tools
  • Intuitive widget implementation

Kasia Hajok

Content Specialist

Kasia Hajok is a content expert with over 2 years of experience in digital marketing. Passionate writer, creator, and book lover.
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