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Home Blog [CASE STUDY] 50% Conversion Rate in Ecommerce – CottonBee

[CASE STUDY] 50% Conversion Rate in Ecommerce – CottonBee

Learn how to reach conversion rate over 50% on e-book landing page. Unveil true story of CottonBee, a fabric printing house that trusted Landingi and… had no regrets. It was a bullseye!
  • Company name: CottonBee
  • Industry: eCommerce
  • Markets: Poland and Europe
  • Webpage:

Metathesiophobia is a condition also known as “fear of change.” Many people are not very fond of significant changes in their lives, whether they’re messing with personal experience or job-related stuff. It doesn’t have to mean they’re afraid – they may just be… careful.

Sometimes we give up on changes because we’re afraid of the outcome, especially if there’s a risk included. Businesses like their changes made slowly, but in some industries, there’s simply no time for slight adjustments – you have to go big when you have a chance.

First steps together

CottonBee is the first online fabric printing house in Poland. The company’s customers may order printing of their projects or patterns in the catalog, on natural fabrics and cotton knit. The company started operating in the Polish market in 2013, but it has expanded to Germany, the UK, and other European countries over time.

In 2019, CottonBee was a well-established company with a functional, professional website and a designated path to purchase. After some time, a need to create a few more subpages and other changes to the company’s homepage occurred, but soon it turned out to be a well-thought but also closed environment. Messing with CottonBee’s homepage could interfere with its purpose (increasing sales and educating the users). And last but not least – rearranging the whole website would take too much time and human resources.

We have decided to cooperate with Landingi for two reasons. First, we wanted to do some research on how the users would behave if we made their shopping decision a bit easier and prepared a shorter purchasing path. We wanted to check their behavior after redirecting them to the landing page, where they may convert easily. And the second reason was to use the Landingi platform in our content marketing and content distribution.

Małgorzata Gazda-Kęsik, CottonBee

First impressions

The CottonBee’s marketing team used the opportunities of the Landingi platform to the fullest by creating a series of landing pages, each one for a different purpose – offering visitors to import a project and printing their patterns on the fabric, ordering a free fabric sampler, just to name a few.

Designing landing pages single-handedly by CottonBee employees was just a part of the whole process. The company’s marketing team redirected paid traffic to newly created pages from Google Ads and Facebook Ads and then ran A/B tests for even greater control on improving a conversion rate. They didn’t have to wait long for the first effects of a new approach:

Thanks to a simple and intuitive editor, we created desired landing pages in short notice. It also turned out that in most of the analyzed cases, the conversion rate on new landing pages was higher (18% more conversions on average), and the bounce rate lower (14% less on average).

Małgorzata Gazda-Kęsik, CottonBee

Better results have been achieved thanks to a few elements – the most important were:

  • Precise page target,
  • Simple form,
  • Clear and engaging CTA,
  • Better UX – fewer distracting elements on a landing page,
  • Page adjusted to mobile devices,
  • Highlighted USP.

Next steps

Landing pages designed in Landingi have made it possible to verify the level of interest in CottonBee’s content and products, distribute the mentioned content, and gather leads and customers.

The critical element of this strategy was setting proper KPIs:

  • For sales landing pages:

    • Conversion rate,

    • Number of transactions,

    • Revenue.

  • For content distribution landing pages:

    • Leads gathered,

    • Number of downloads,

    • Filled forms to the number of sessions ratio.

The conclusions, based on analyzing the factors mentioned above, were meaningful. It turned out that customers in different countries have varied expectations and preferences. In Poland, for example, ordering a sampler was the most popular action. At the same time, in the United Kingdom, customers were much more eager to order a print without checking the fabrics first.

CottonBee prepares each e-book in three languages – Polish, English, and German. In Poland, the conversion rate on e-book landing pages hit more than 50%, with 1161 leads gathered for the company in two months!

The same landing page in English has achieved a 25% conversion rate, giving the company 225 leads.

Take a look at it:

An exposed CTA, simple form, and consistent design are the highlights of the mentioned landing page. Other strengths of this page are its brevity (people won’t waste time reading unnecessary stuff, but they can focus on the pages’ purpose) and simplicity of the form (for the same reason). No distractions can undoubtedly help in achieving higher conversion rates.

No matter how great a landing page is, it cannot get satisfying results without some traffic from advertising. CottonBee used Facebook Ads and Google Ads to promote their offer:

Working with Landingi made it possible to create a number of landing pages quickly (for example in different languages). One-click duplication reduced the time needed to launch campaigns on foreign markets:

CottonBee + Landingi = an efficient duo

Thanks to the Landingi platform, we can launch new landing pages easily and test various solutions without the IT team on short notice, saving time and money.

Małgorzata Gazda-Kęsik, CottonBee

A unique CottonBee product, thought-through marketing campaign, and the easy-to-use, fully-fledged Landingi tool – those three elements resulted in very successful cooperation, profitable for each side.

Małgorzata Gazda-Kęsik from CottonBee points out yet another crucial element of working with Landingi:

We’re delighted to see our platform supporting the development of innovative products and services. We do hope that with our help, CottonBee will start operating in whole new markets, while the money and time they are saving will let the company grow even more efficiently.

Sylwester Karnuszewicz

Content Specialist

Sylwester Karnuszewicz is a marketing content expert with over 4 years of experience in digital marketing and landing page creation.
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