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Home Blog How to Boost Your Facebook Posts in 2020: A Marketer’s Guide

How to Boost Your Facebook Posts in 2020: A Marketer’s Guide

Boosting your marketing posts on social can drive more traffic to your website and improve conversion rates. Learn how to perform it correctly to maximize the outcomes of your digital marketing campaigns.

Social media is everywhere around us and business owners have picked up on it. There are 3.2 billion people active daily on social media, with Facebook as the leading platform. With that many active people, there are numerous opportunities for marketers to make a profit.

Facebook is by far the largest platform for advertisers — there are millions of active users and many ways to promote your business. For instance, according to a Toast Report, 91% of restaurateurs claim that Facebook is the most important part of their overall restaurant marketing plan. Unfortunately, organic reach on Facebook is at an all-time low, and business owners need to improve. However, marketers can still utilize Facebook advertising to gain an advantage.

There are, of course, landing page templates to use on Facebook, but in this article time I will focus on Facebook posts only.

One of the many ways to advertise on Facebook is to boost your posts, which can be very effective if done properly. There are many elements to post boosting, and it’s important to understand them before you spend your money.

This is the ultimate guide to boost your Facebook posts in 2020 and beyond, covering:

  • How to Boost Your Posts
  • Benefits
  • When to Boost Your Posts
  • Understanding the Limitations

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How to Boost Your Posts

Facebook ‘Boost Post’ feature is very simple to use. All you have to do is select the content you wish to boost, choose the objective, and add in the variables.

There are three main variables when it comes to boosting your Facebook posts:

  • Objective
  • Audience
  • Budget


The first thing to choose is the objective, which can be a simple CTA to learn more about your page, book a call, sign up for a program, get directions or anything else. The objective is closely tied to your business model so it can be anything depending on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you’re a consultant then your goal is to book calls.


Targeting the right audience can make a huge difference in how your post performs. As mentioned earlier, if you sell products or services made for a younger audience, this is your chance to target them. You can target people from your local area or those who like your page (which works by countering the decline in organic reach). You can also target a specific audience based on location, gender, or age.

If you are selling vintage razor blades, a good audience would be men aged 30 or older.

Once you have your audience, you get to choose the budget and duration.


Here you get to choose how much money you want to spend on your ad and how long it will run. You can choose a specific date and the budget needs to be above $1.00 per day. Facebook will provide you with an estimated number of people you’ll reach daily out of your total audience. This number will obviously be higher if you decide to spend more money, but you can always go back and edit your variables.

It’s easy to boost your posts but the trick is to get them to perform well. Let’s see the benefits of boosted posts and how you can maximize your results.


There are multiple benefits that come with boosted Facebook posts, such as:

  • Increased Reach — you’ll be able to reach a far wider audience with boosted posts compared to normal ones. As organic reach continues to decline, more and more business pages opt for advertising.
  • Control and Targeting — you can also narrow your boosted posts to target a specific demographic which makes it perform even better than organic posts. If your business needs to attract a younger audience, all you need to do is select the right parameters.
  • Access to Insights — Facebook Insights is a powerful tool used to track user interaction on your page. It can help you to better understand your audience and track key performance indicators. All boosted posts get access to analytics so you can see exactly what works and what does not.

When to Boost Your Posts

To maximize the results you need to know exactly when to boost your posts. This means you need to choose the right post and the right time to boost it. You can choose to promote an image or even a video which is a common and useful strategy. There are lots of factors at play but you can start off by skipping all the low-quality posts.

If you’re going to spend your money on a post, always make sure it’s top-quality content. Trying to ‘save’ a dead post by spending money on it is just not worth it. If your post performed badly with organic traffic, it’s not a good one to boost either. Instead, put some effort to create a high-quality post with a specific goal and it is going to perform much better once boosted.

If you go to ‘Insights’ on your Facebook page then select ‘Posts’, you can check the engagement rate for your posts to see which ones perform the best.

Always choose to boost posts that perform well or create one with that goal in mind.

The timing of your posts also matters — depending on your business model, there will be good and bad times to boost your posts. An obvious example is selling sunglasses during the winter season, it’s not going to work. You also need to keep in mind things like holidays where you can push promotions at a specific time. This also works with specific worldwide events. There are lots of factors at play so it is important to stay mindful of what’s going on in the world.

Understand the Limitations

Facebook’s Advertising Policies are very complicated and honestly deserve a post on their own. Before you boost a post, you will be asked to review the policies and understand the limitations. For example, Facebook prohibits advertising content related to tobacco products, adult products, unsafe supplements, and stuff like misinformation or ‘before-and-after’ images.

Facebook also restricts content related to things like alcohol, dating, subscription services, and there are also specific laws tied to specific countries and their laws. One common mistake that advertisers make is including text within the boosted post, which is heavily punished by Facebook.

Facebook’s advertising policy is a mess. There is a lot of information to process, but Facebook does a good job of warning advertisers about the mistakes. Still, it should not be too hard to understand policies related to your industry. Choose a top-quality post, your target audience, know your limits, and you will get the best results.


Businesses all over the world make huge profits by advertising on Facebook.

Boosting your posts is just one of the many ways to advertise, and it can get you positive results if done correctly. A successful boost mainly comes down to the quality of the content, proper implementation of variables, and understanding the limitations. Follow this guide and you will hit the mark on all three!

Take control over your digital campaign!

Karolina Niegłos


Karolina Niegłos jest ekspertem ds. content marketingu z ponad 4-letnim doświadczeniem w marketingu cyfrowym i tworzeniu landing page'y.
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