How to create an effective landing page – a few simple steps

Last updated: November 21, 2023 Written by: Paulina Kamińska
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    You’d like to create a landing page but you don’t know what to start with? We’ve prepared a short guide with seven simple steps to create an effective landing page, that will make this task much easier.

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      1. A catchy and concise headline

      Draw your reader’s attention with a well-constructed headline. Remember that it is the first element that the viewer pays attention to, therefore, it is good to create it in a way that will ensure it will be held in memory for a very long time.

      2. Clear layout

      While creating a landing page, preserve a clear layout of all the elements. Don’t forget that the characteristic trait of a landing page is its simplicity. The rule pertains both to the graphical layout as well as to the texts. Try to construct them in such a way that reading all the information takes no more than a few minutes.

      3. Eye-catching graphics

      An average internet user visits many pages per day and sees thousands of pictures there. Therefore, catching his or her attention is not an easy task. Make sure that the landing page contains attractive and high-quality pictures. Remember also that they need to be appropriate for the context, so that they can present the offer as well as possible. 

      4. A form that’s distinguished on the page

      Placing a form on the landing page will enable you to draw some important benefits – that is to gain contact data of potential customers. Before you start creating the page, think carefully about what data you’d like to get. In order to distinguish the form on the page, place it above the screen fold line.

      5. A strong call to action

      Add a distinctive call to action button to your landing page. You can do so by changing its color and size accordingly. The message on the button should encourage the user to click on it.

      6. The logo and lack of menu

      Don’t forget to place the logo of your company on the landing page. It will make your page look credible and inspire trust in the visitors.

      7. The page after conversion

      Forgot about the page after conversion? Don’t worry! Lack of a suitably-prepared page after conversion is a very frequent mistake. It’s probably made because not everyone knows how to utilize the page. The page after conversion can have a number of functions, such as a polite or informative function. You can also use it to encourage the viewers to sign up for the newsletter, among others. One thing is certain: you shouldn’t forget about it!;)

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