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How to create landing page in 12 easy steps

July 31, 2014 Paulina Kamińska 4 min read

How to create a perfect landing page? This is the question with which many people planning campaigns struggle. As it often happens in case of such questions – there’s no single answer. One needs to remember that a landing page is a thing that most of all likes optimization and not always will its first design be 100% effective. However, we need to start from something while creating a landing page, right? 😉

Before you create a landing page…

A landing page is one of campaign tools and must be strongly connected with it. Therefore, just like in case of planning a campaign, one needs some idea for using a landing page. Before you start creating your own page, go through the three steps:

#1. Target group

Question: Who’s my viewer?

The basic thing in planning every campaign is deciding on the target, that is an approximate group of people at which we’re aiming our advertisement. Targeting is in a way connected also with the product or service that we have on offer. However, one needs to remember that a page aimed at teenagers should look different from one aimed at young mothers.

#2. Aim

Question: What do I want to get from the person that makes it to my page?

One landing page = one aim. If you’d like to build a database with use of a newsletter, place a form for collecting data on the page. If you’d like to sell products from your shop – place a “Buy now” call to action button. You shouldn’t try to smuggle two aims to one landing page. First, it will make it hard for the visitor to make a decision. Second, it will be harder for you to monitor campaign results and optimize the landing page.

#3. Sources

Question: How do I want to acquire my viewer?

The last thing is the choice of sources of movement on the landing page. The landing page is such a fortunate form that you can redirect movement from a Facebook ad, a search engine ad, advertisement banners or mailings to it. While choosing the movement source always remember about the target group. For example, think whether your potential viewers are active in the social media.


If you’ve made it through the three steps above, you can now get down to creating your landing page. Creation of effective pages isn’t simple even if you use premade templates. This task will be easier with the infographic on the basic elements of every landing page.

See the infographic in full

Infographic transcription

  1. Use your company colors and logo. Thanks to landing page will look reliably and raise the confidence of visitors.
  2. Remove the navigation from the landing page. It can distract potential customer from the goal.
  3. The header should correspond with content of the ad. Make sure that is concise and understandable.
  4. Write down benefits of your solutions in bullet points.
  5. Add an attractive and high-quality graphics, or video. Those elements convert much better than text.
  6. Are you active in social media? If yes, add on the landing page links to your social profiles.
  7. It is the place to repeat the benefits which your visitors will receive after completing the registration form. Tell them what to do to take advantage of the offer.
  8. Add the form and collect contacts. Avoid forms with many fields – the less you ask about, the more leads you will get.
  9. Call to action button should stand out on the page. You can achieve this by using contrasting colors and the right size.
  10. Give additional information  for more demanding customers who need specific data to make decision.
  11. A great way to to increase effectiveness of the landing page conversion is showing satisfied customers opinion.
  12. If your product or service have have a quality certifications share this information on landing page.

Paulina Kamińska

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