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Last updated: November 15, 2021 7min read Written by: Kasia Hajok
Table of contents
Table of contents

Company name: Kuźnia-Kadr.pl
Industry: Training, Audits, E-marketing, E-commerce, SCRUM
Country: Poland
Website: https://www.kuznia-kadr.pl

Kuźnia-Kadr.pl is a training company whose experts specialize in various industries and offer business support even when it comes to the most complex and complicated projects. The company provides assistance and solutions in hosting educational events on, e.g., protection of personal data, GDPR, e-marketing, e-commerce, labor law, debt collection, as well as on scrum and kanban methodologies.

With over 1500 business clients (including organizations like Amazon or Neuca, subjects like The Capital City of Warsaw, and other companies coming from small and medium-sized business sectors), Kuźnia-kadr.pl is one of the largest training companies located in Poland.

Let’s have a look at how exactly they trained up to improving their marketing actions and how Landingi helped along, shall we?

Problems and needs

Maciej Drzewiecki, the company’s founder, first got to know Landingi 4 years ago when he decided to give his business idea a try and test if there is any demand for his services (with relatively little cash outlay). Maciej needed to quickly and easily create a landing page to present his new business idea.

Using an intuitive editor in the Landingi platform proved to be a perfect way. Just one day after the landing page was launched, the first lead appeared.

Kuźnia-Kadr's homepage

And it wasn’t just a random lead but rather a recognizable corporate hiring over 1000 employees.

The first landing page marked an excellent starting point for creating over 70 new pages serving numerous purposes – from making sales through offering lead magnets and up to collecting event sign-ups. What may interest you is that the company’s homepage was also created with a bit of assistance from Landingi’s editor (although it was not a landing page).

Gather leads by design

In the interview with Maciej, Andrew, Landingi’s CMO, mentioned that the first landing page usually turns out to be non-converting. Was that the case when it came to the first landing page created by Maciej for Kuźnia-kadr.pl?

The first landing page, used to offer on-site training, was created based on one of the landing page templates available in the Landingi editor. Apart from introducing a new copy, the template itself remained untouched: the design, arrangement, CTA buttons, icons and background images remained intact.

And so, thirty minutes of work on the platform were enough to publish a landing page and gather the first lead in just twelve hours. The same template (with the on-site training offer) was subsequently scaled and used to advertise training in other Polish cities, bringing revenue of 400-500 thousand PLN (around 105-130 thousand dollars).

These landing pages were simple, clear and concise. There wasn’t even much scrolling required. I think that the target audience simply felt in the right place.
Maciej Drzewiecki, Kużnia-kadr.pl

Generating profit from the first launched campaigns contributed to further improvements: design and UX enhancement and using more and more landing pages in the company’s marketing actions. Taking note of the visitors’ needs and analyzing the traffic on the landing pages (making use of, e.g., HotJar integration) provided valuable insights on what may and what should be improved in future campaigns. One interesting conclusion was that moving up a section informing about a certificate granted to the training’s participants resulted in 30% more conversions.

Did changing the design help to improve the overall landing page quality?

The result was, without doubt, satisfactory. However, the most significant change coming from design improvements was that a better impression was made on potential customers, partners and other individuals wishing to somehow cooperate with Kuźnia-kadr.pl.

Mega-regional landing page

Expanding the marketing campaign to numerous cities was a natural consequence of the company’s development. Did major changes apply to the landing page about the training sign-up as well?

Landing page inviting to a GDPR training held in Warsaw

Actually, no. The same landing page and the same campaigns (targeted to various cities) directed users to the on-site training in a given place. Each city where the training was held was given its own personalized marketing campaign and a landing page with information about the training’s date and event venue.

To recycle a lead magnet

Is it possible to use the very same landing page over and over again? Does it even bring any results? Yes, it does! Especially if a said landing page is effective and proves to work under various circumstances. The average conversion rate was from 35% to even 50%. How was that even possible? The landing page is simple, concise, comes with a very user-friendly mobile version and lacks distractions. What is more, it includes a lead magnet that is valuable to the target audience (an informative ebook).

Actually, a simple template available in the editor helped us meet and exceed business goals.
Maciej Drzewiecki, Kużnia-kadr.pl
Source: https://www.kuznia-kadr.pl/5

Have a look at the conversion rates during the first month after the launch of the campaign, and throughout the first quarter of 2020:

Perhaps, as Maciej Drzewiecki states, this landing page requires changes, but… it is well known that each change runs the risk of harming the conversions. As they say, better done than perfect – so if the current conversion rate is pretty good, it may not be the best idea to try to overdo it.

Build out onto other industries

Were the company's marketing campaigns and know-how beneficial when Kuźnia-kadr.pl started to deliver services for another industry (in this case, building finishing)? Yes, of course.

Source: https://www.robidobrze.pl

All it took was using one of the ready-made templates from Landingi, and adding a section with a movie on the company client's services. How do you think – was the budget for a campaign that made over 1800-dollar profit, high or low?

In conclusion

Without the proper tools, no marketing campaign has any chance of succeeding. And one of these tools is a landing page, which role is to convince its visitors to take the desired action.

The road from creating the first landing page to making a vast profit does not have to be lengthy – and the Kuźnia-kadr. pl's example proves it.

The platform is not everything, of course. Maciej Drzewiecki's company's success resulted from:

  • Offering practical, sustainable services
  • Building brand awareness
  • Local market knowledge
  • Entering new markets, industries, areas, and target groups
  • Effective targeting
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