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How to Choose a Landing Page Creator?


Landing page creators are in the spotlight right now.

They provide a way to build landing pages without coding or engaging an IT department. No need to outsource, no need for expert knowledge. Unsurprisingly, they have become very popular.

If you’re looking for ways to increase conversions or build an email list with tons of addresses, you most likely have come across this topic before and will know that creating an effective landing page is one of the best ways to boost conversions.

Once you’ve decided to build one, you will meet another challenge – choosing the best landing page creator. If you are battling to find a service that meets your needs, you couldn’t have come to a better place.

Here you’ll find out which features are the most important in an easy landing page creator and which you should look out for. We will do our best to help you find a landing page creator that suits your needs best, so let’s get started with 11 must-have features for an easy landing page creator!

#1 Free trial

The first option to look for when choosing a landing page creator is a free trial. It might not seem to matter if you will sooner or later have to pay, but these few days can give you a huge insight into how a particular landing page builder works. Maybe you’re looking for a free landing page creator – well, most of them are (at least for a certain period of time).

Testing before buying helps reduce disappointment and the chance that a given creator will not meet your expectations. You also have the assurance that you will not incur any additional costs at the time of cancellation. By checking out a free landing page creator you are also able to see which plan will suit you the most. After all, you don’t want to let yourself be pushed into buying a pig in a poke.

#2 Intuitive and easy to onboard interface

There is nothing worse than a non-intuitive interface on which you will waste a lot of time trying to find the features or settings you’re looking for.

Every company that launches a landing page creator says that its interface is interactive. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Most of them use drag & drop functions that simplify a lot, but they differ from each other.

The best option is to check it out for yourself (you need a few days and a free landing page creator trial), and find out if it definitely is easy-to-use. 


Tip! Some easy landing page creators such as Landingi provide the opportunity to personalize features so that the interface looks like your own. It’s a good option when you know which features you plan to use most frequently.


#3 Full control

The next vital feature is having full control over the things that will appear on your landing page. It’s not just the importance of the features that make it easy to create a page quickly, but also those which allow efficient management of the page later on. Also, look around for the ability to publish landing pages under your own domain, subdomain, or server. Such options may be useful at some point.

The changes you wish to make after a landing page is published should be as easy to implement as possible. All publications should be launchable with just one click. An easy landing page creator, as its name suggests, is designed to assist in every way by automating the process to the fullest extent possible.

#4 Conversion-boosting options

On a great landing page creator, functions that are responsible for boosting conversions should not be an add-on. It’s the main purpose of such pages. Thank-you pages that show gratitude to visitors who become leads and an autoresponder that sends messages right to their inboxes after filling out the form should be essentials..

A landing page creator must also have elements that can push visitors down the sales funnel. An outstanding design might not be enough. To ensure that your landing page generates high-quality leads, take advantage of newsletters, overlay popups, and banner ads (verify that a landing page creator offers them).

Tip! Check if a landing page creator offers the option of exporting all the acquired leads to external software or files. You can manage all of them better this way.

#5 A variety of templates

Is creativity not your strong point? You don’t have to worry anymore, because some easy landing page creators give you the option to use templates from their libraries. If you want to make your work easier then this is certainly a must-have solution for you.

Landing page templates are the easiest way to create your landing page without coding skills. However, if you want to introduce some changes on your own, and make your landing page more advanced, look for a landing page creator that has the option to add some lines of HTML or JS code when necessary (Landingi provides this option along, with 200+ fully customizable LPs and pop-ups!). Thanks to this solution, you’ll be able to customize your landing page to your brand even more.

#6 Portfolio

Visualization is the best recommendation. It’s helpful to see examples of landing pages designed with a particular editor. You will gain inspiration from them, learn how others are implementing this builder, and come up with your own version. What’s more, you’ll see the full capabilities of that particular landing page creator.

Landing page examples give you a preview of how landing pages are used by specific industries and various use cases, e.g., newsletter sign-ups, webinar sign-ups, or product sales. Remember to read the testimonials as well (and not necessarily only those on the home page).

#7 Security

Check whether or not the landing page creator you are considering has the most relevant features for guaranteeing safety. Make sure they support the latest encryption SSL technology for securing connections between browsers and the server.

When it comes to security, you should also draw yout attention to anti-spam of contact forms. It might seem irrelevant, but a form that allows a flood of spam submissions is worse than anything else. Ensure that your forms will only acquire top quality leads.

#8 Advanced integrations

Integrations mostly relate to agencies and enterprises, but they can also be relevant for business owners. Switching between platforms and working on them simultaneously can be disruptive and ineffective in the long run. Check if a free landing page creator includes the possibility to connect an account with third-party tools. Streamline your workflow and save your time.

Which integrations should you pay attention to? It all depends on what you do every day and how your work looks like. For sure, email marketing integrations are beneficial in the case of landing pages. But above all, you should pay special attention to the analysis and tracking integrations, which are critical for getting the most out of your page.

Tip! If you work on WordPress, check if a landing page creator has integration with this tool. In Landingi, you can easily create a WordPress landing page by installing just one plugin.

#9 Optimization options

Ensure that a landing page creator allows you to take one step further than merely building a page. Making use of optimization, you can achieve results that will be in line with your expectations. What should you look for?

Firstly, one of the most popular optimization practices is A/B testing. By creating two versions of a landing page, you’ll be able to compare your choices and see which one is more effective.

Secondly, the conversion rate of a landing page has to be carefully examined. That’s why a feature that is essential in easy landing page creators is tracking. It would be best if you have the option to track stats, numbers of visits, and CR for a range of dates. This data can really help you to improve your results.

#10 Collaboration

Working on a landing page as a team will require you to have a sense of how landing page creator cooperation works. Whether the flow of information between team members is comfortable or not, look for features that make working together easier.

When it comes to Landingi, collaboration features are widely available. For instance, you can create sub-accounts and assign them team roles. Furthermore, you can make a library of images and templates for your team, and customize the interface to suit your needs. As you can see, there are many ways to increase the effectiveness of your team, so don’t ignore the features that a landing page creator can offer to you.


Tip! You can find a campaign scheduler on Landingi. It’s an additional feature that allows you to manage all of your campaigns simultaneously without having to deactivate a page separately at a particular time. It’s a great way to save time and effort.

#11 Support

Last but not least is support. Check out what services are offered by a landing page creator in terms of assistance. Most free landing page creators provide educational materials (e.g. videos or articles) that will be helpful, especially at the beginning.

In addition, some of them (like Landingi) offer workshops and informative meetings for your team about new products and opportunities that are launched on the platform. You may also use features such as priority service from individual assistants or a dedicated account manager who watches over your progress.

Tip! If you don’t feel confident creating landing pages, Landingi offers individual support from a Personal Consultant who will guide you through any concerns that are bothering you.

Choose the best option for you

There are many landing page creators available on the market, and choosing the right one takes time and effort. Just like with most important decisions, you must choose wisely. It would be best if you focus on the features you need most and which will actually benefit you. Maybe the best option for you is waiting just around the corner…

To get great results for a fair price, try a 14-day free trial on Landingi. They have a large variety of professional templates that are hard to beat. You will be impressed with how much this platform can offer you at a low cost. Check which plans suit you most, or ask for a custom plan that will be tailored to your needs.

An easy landing page creator that has all of the features mentioned in this article exists, and it will exceed your wildest expectations!

Kinga Edwards

Content Writer

Kinga Edwards is a marketing content expert with over 6 years of experience in digital marketing. She specializes in landing page creation, conversion optimization, and SaaS. She is an owner at Brainy Bees.
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