A Million Free Images Inside the Editor – Landingi x Unsplash Integration

Last updated: August 19, 2022 Written by: Sylwester Karnuszewicz

Building landing pages with ready-made templates is so much more accessible than creating them from scratch. That was our main goal – to make the creation almost effortless for our clients.

We had some time to observe and to collect feedback, and now we know there’s one more thing that’s still a major bummer for many Landingi users. No matter how great our templates are (and they are!), there’s still a need for high-quality, relevant images to portrait all the benefits visitors can get from products or services our clients present on their landing pages.

Though we have offered a free image library to our clients, it was very limited – it contained approximately 5,000 images. It’s something, but imagine having a million.

You’ve read right. A Million.

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    Make Your Landing Page Outstanding

    We decided to integrate with Unsplash a while ago, and we knew that it would be a blast. Now we’re proud to announce that the integration is ready and each user on Create, Automate, Agency, and Enterprise plan, now has access to every Unsplash image directly from an “Image” widget in the Landingi editor.

    If you want to know exactly how to use it, head to the Unsplash guide in our Help Center.

    Here’s how it looks like on the platform:

    With such plenty of free images grouped in various categories, it becomes easy to make your landing page remarkable and to send the exact message you want to share with your potential customers.

    Also, you may use images from Unsplash any way you like within our platform – on landing pages, pop-ups or in smart sections – whatever works best for you.

    A Million Free Images Inside Landingi

    What may you use a million free images for? Every piece of content needs something that would fulfill or complement it. Images work miracles when it comes to getting visitors’ attention. Take a look at an example below:


    It’s a landing page we’ve designed to show people an ebook we’ve prepared and encourage them to download and read it. Now imagine there’s no image at all:


    Want more insights about the importance of visuals and general landing page design? Read about 9 Principles of the Best Landing Page Design on our blog!

    Also, with so many (a million!) images to choose from, there’s much less chance for your visitors to see the stock image they’ve already seen a hundred times – which is an impression every internet user knows too well.

    Care to start right away?

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