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Keep your ear to the marketing ground – October 2018

November 6, 2018 Mark von der Land 4 min read
Mark von der Land

Social media are changing so fast that it’s really hard to keep up with all the new features and possibilities they give us. But there’s no other way to be a great marketer than being up to date with those which are the most important for you. So let’s find out top stories of October.

1. Facebook Messenger Bots Will Have Multiple Personas to choose from

You will be allowed to choose one persona from a variety to interact with the users. It will become possible to personalize your campaign more picking the persona that will be most appropriate for a certain audience. Facebook also made it easier to integrate a chat plugin into WordPress – now you can use an official plugin available via Could it mean that the golden age of chatbots still awaits us?


2. It’s curtains for Google Plus

After 7 years, Google Plus is no longer a thing. And I think we can easily say it won’t be mourned.


3. Chat with up to 250 Facebook group members

Facebook introduced a group conversation feature to groups. Now 250 group members can chat, and 50 of them can start a video or audio call. Limitation on chat creation is up to the administrators as well as the ability to close it.


4. Scrolling Up and Down on Instagram to be history soon?

According to TechCrunch, Instagram is testing a new way to go through the feed – ”tap through posts, just like you tap through stories”. Testing is for now limited to the Explore section. Following a TechCrunch article: ”As for whether this could come to the main feed, an Instagram spokesperson tells me that it’s not something they’re actively thinking about right now”.

Instagram tests tapping instead of scrolling through posts, first in Explore

5. Snapchat Introduces Snap Camera, Brings Lenses To Desktop

”Snap is a “camera company,” and anyone who thinks differently will be proven wrong. This week, Snap announced and launched Snap Camera, a desktop app that can be integrated with YouTube, Skype, Twitch, and Zoom, allowing users to use Snapchat’s lenses while streaming or chatting to friends or family.”


6. Facebook released Messenger 4

What’s new? First of all – easier navigation. Now you have three tabs: the Chats tab, People tab and Discover tab. In the chat tab you can start and follow up a conversation but also find the camera. People tabs is for finding your friends and checking their activity/status. The Discover tab combines bots, brand stories, games and news. The novelty also refers to new ways to customize your chats – now you can add a color gradient to conversation bubbles.

Say Hello To The New Facebook Messenger

7. Made by Google 2018

Google introduced its new hardware including new Pixel devices (with the new Google tablet in the first place) and Home Hub with the Google Assistant built-in to help you search all of Google’s web (YouTube, Google Photos, Calendar, Maps and more).


8. Portal from Facebook

Now you can contact your friends in a more realistic way thanks to a Smart Camera that ”stays with the action and automatically pans and zooms to keep everyone in view”. Portal is equipped with voice control to help you start a conversation without using your hands and it also has Amazon Alexa built in.


Social media do their best to consume as much of our time as possible. But nowadays more and more people are trying to be more offline than online, which is actually not that bad, but we have to revamp our attitude. Get to know your audience, because as they spend less time on social media they’ll want to see only what’s really important, amusing or simply interesting to them.

Mark von der Land

Mark von der Land

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