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The perfect headline – an effective introduction to a landing page

October 25, 2013 Agata Rabsztyn 4 min read

The element that is the first to draw the landing page visitors’ attention is the headline. The way it is constructed influences further perception of the page, as the headline is read by a five time greater number of people than the content itself is! This is one of the more important parts of the message, and therefore, an inappropriate title may destroy even the best offer.

The headline is directly aimed at the receiver and it should not exceed a few words (about 1–5). Its conciseness makes reading easier, emphasizes the concept and makes the slogan more memorable. While deciding to choose a headline composed of a larger number of words one should make sure that it is indeed fascinating for the receiver and that at the same time it serves its purpose.

The headline , as an integral part of the landing page, has three basic functions:
1. It is the first to draw the receivers’ attention.
2. Carefully chosen, it can reach the selected group of potential clients.
3. It specifies the categories of the product that the message concerns.

The headline ought to be used in a form of an introduction to the following parts. It should be interesting enough to make the receiver want to acquaint him- or herself with the other elements of the page. Its content on the landing page should be a continuation of the information contained in the advertisement that has caused the receiver to visit the page, so it has interested him or her enough to want to learn the details. Additionally, adjusted to the subject of the message as well as to the target group, it provides exactly what its receivers would like to hear. A headline will be more effective if it contains a coaxing appeal. The idea contained in the title needs to provide a key to understanding the information in the entire text.

Creating a perfect headline that will draw the receivers’ attention is not an easy task. Below a few hints on how to create an effective headline have been listed:

Make use of your creativity. Try to create a headline that will present your offer in an original way. Fight for the receivers’ attention from the first sight!

– Find something that distinguishes your offer from among the competition and place this information in the headline .

– In the headline place the value (not a characteristic!) that your offer provides. At the very first stage of the contact with a client make him or her feel a certain need. This value might be the thing that will distinguish your offer.

– Use the call to action in the title of the landing page. From the very beginning motivate your receivers to take an action.

– Find the words that will draw special attention of your potential clients and try to connect them with the context of the headline message.

Activate the receivers’ imagination and encourage them to think. Present vividly how you will make their lives easier. Make them crave for a certain thing – thanks to it they will devote more time to your offer.

Do not use headings that are vague and do not bring anything new. The title should not be a riddle because potential clients will not spend their time wondering what the topic of the advert is.

In conclusion, the headline is the element that is the first to draw the users’ attention, thus it needs to be carefully prepared. Its content should be a marketing message, not a sales one, therefore, it has a difficult and responsible task of attracting the receivers’ attention. Accordingly, the first step to a success of a landing page is an appropriately constructed headline .


Agata Rabsztyn

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