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Table of contents
Table of contents

Decide what happens after your user fill out the form on a landing page by choosing the right option in the form settings. You can choose between three redirections:

  • Go to default Thank You Page;
  • Redirect to any URL;
  • Redirect to another Landing Page.

This option is available in the Automate plan and Agency plans. You can use it on landing pages and lightboxes (excluding popups).

How to settle action after form submission?

1. Log in to the platform, go to the Landing Pages tab and go to edit the selected landing.

2. Select the form and go to the Form Settings -> Next Action.

Choose from the drop-down menu, what should happen when the user complete the form on your LP.


A. Go to default Thank You Page


This is a default option for every form.

B. Redirect to any URL

Enter the URL address where the user will be redirected (1).

If you want to open the target URL address in the new browser’s tab, check Open in a new tab (2).


C. Redirect to another Landing Page

Select the Target Landing Page (1) where the user will be redirected.

If you want to send all lead data from the current landing page to the target landing page, leave the Transfer Lead data checked (2).

If the form on your current LP contains two fields, like name and e-mail, and the next landing page (where the user is redirected in the next step) contains only phone field in the form, both name and e-mail will be sent to the lead on the target landing page, and in result, the lead on the target LP will contain all data from both landing pages, like name, e-mail, and phone.

You can connect more than two landing pages and create a funnel this way. We recommend leaving the checkbox Transfer Lead data checked for all landing pages in your funnel to send all details from every step to the lead on last, final landing page.

If you want to open the target LP in the new browser’s tab, check Open in a new tab (3).


4. Click Save and Close (3) and then publish your landing page.

Your action after form submission is settled – fill out the form on your landing page and check if everything works properly.


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