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Last updated: January 20, 2021 Written by: Avatar Teresa
Table of contents
Table of contents

Lightboxes appear on top of your landing page. They display images, videos, or other elements by filling the screen and dimming out the rest of your landing page. To add a lightbox to your LP, follow the steps below.

Lightboxes are not available in the Create plan.

How to create a lightbox?

1. Log in to the platform. Go to the Lightboxes tab (1) and click on Create new lightbox (2).

2. Give your lightbox a name and click on Start editing.

3. Lightboxes are edited in the same way as landing pages. Learn how to use the different elements of the editor here.

4. You can choose from 9 widgets (1) that you can put on your lightbox. The editor of lightboxes does not have a section widget. Use the arrows (2) if you want to undo the editing. Just like the landing page, the lightbox has a desktop (3) and mobile view (4).

5. On the right side of the editor, you will find a toolbar with settings of added widgets (1), a list of elements (2), and lightbox settings (3).

6. When you are ready, publish the lightbox (1) and leave the editor (2).

7. Go to the Landing pages tab and open the editor of the landing page that you want to place the lightbox on.

8. Add an element (from the left sidebar with the widgets) that will trigger the lightbox when you click on it (such as the button) and go into the settings.

9. Go to Show lightbox (1). Then select a lightbox from the drop-down list. You can also create a new lightbox by clicking on + (2).

10. Publish your landing page and check if the lightbox is displayed correctly.


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