Egito Integration

Last Updated: 08 Oct 2019

Egito is a CRM system, allowing sales and inventory management along with invoicing. You can integrate Egito with landingi via webhook (POST).

Step I – on Egito side

1. Log in into your Egito account and go to Settings > Main settings > Integrations.


2. Find the tile with Landingi and click on Create. Name your integration and make sure, that the status is Active, then save the changes.


3. Click on Show and copy the URL address – you will need it later in the next step on Landingi side.


Step II – on Landingi side

1. Log in to the platform, go to the Landing Pages tab and go to edit the selected landing.

2. In the Editor, enter Form Settings > Integrations. Find and click on Send the form to an URL as POST.


3. Paste in the field the link copied before from Egito (1) and click Save and close (2) on the top right.


4. Re-publish your landing page.

From now on, the new leads from this landing page will be sent to Egito.

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