Livespace integration

Last Updated: 18.03.2020

LiveSpace is a sale and CRM tool. You just have to create a new landing page with a form, configure the integration and your landing page will automatically send all your leads to your CRM system.

This integration does not support custom form fields.

How to configure LiveSpace integration?

1. Log into your LiveSpace account (if you do not already have one, it is the best time to do it) and go to the Account Settings tab. Then from the left menu select API and click Show with the appropriate user name.


2. When the API key is displayed, copy it with the API secret and move to the editor of your landing page. Enter the settings of the form.


3. In the Integration tab, select LiveSpace and click it to go to this configuration.


5. Now you see, what data you have to put in the integration fields. You need to copy a name of the signed LiveSpace account, API key, and API secret. Once you have done it, you can map fields from your integration. Then save changes.


This integration requires name field.

6. Publish your landing page, fill in the form for testing purposes and verify whether the form sends data to your Livespace account.

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