How to draw customers’ attention?

Try Pop ups by Landingi – stop losing visitors and start converting!

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Convert visitors into leads

Grab attention, increase engagement

Easy and effective way to get more leads

Pop ups are a powerful way of boosting conversions. Check the number of page visits, count leads and enjoy high conversion rates.

Create converting

pop ups in 3 minutes

You need only 4 simple steps to build and embed nice and working pop up with intuitive drag & drop visual editor, useful triggering options and display frequency.

Embed new pop ups wherever you want, not only on landing pages. And for less advanced tasks within Landingi platform use Lightboxes (previously pop up feature).

Pop ups extending beyond Landingi borders

Start converting

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Lightboxes and Pop ups

Two features for smaller and more advanced tasks, you decide which one suits your needs best

Easy and quick lightbox display embedded within Landingi platform

Lightboxes (previously pop ups)

  • drag & drop visual editor
  • no coding skills required
  • duplicate pop ups
  • unlimitted pop ups

Available from the Create plan

Available from the Core plan

  • advanced analytical tools
  • 4 triggering options
  • pop up display frequency rules
  • one code to install for all pop ups within one website

Advanced pop ups that can be embedded on any web page

Pop ups (new feature!)

Try new pop ups

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  • time spent on the website
  • scroll depth
  • exit intent
  • click on element

Display frequency

  • every visit
  • once on the 1st visit
  • always after X visits
  • only on Xth visit

Embed on

  • Landingi landing pages
  • External web page
  • E-commerce system
  • External landing page


  • visit count
  • lead count
  • conversion rate
  • dashboard

Everything you need to capture more leads

Open the window for a new pop up feature

Power up!

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Neil Patel,

The tools and features that Landingi offer are great for anyone looking to create higher-converting landing pages.

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