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Home Blog 5 Best AI Content Detection Tools and Software – TOP 5 in 2024

5 Best AI Content Detection Tools and Software – TOP 5 in 2024

AI content detection tools help in identifying plagiarism, spotting deep fakes, and ensuring content authenticity. Discover the top AI content detection tools in 2024 to find solutions that can help you drive successful digital marketing campaigns.
ai content detection tools

AI content detection tools have become essential in 2024 for ensuring the integrity and originality of digital content. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, these tools help identify plagiarism, detect deep fakes, and verify the authenticity of written and multimedia content. Since AI supports content creation processes, authenticity is an indicator of quality, not only for audiences but also for search engines. That’s why AI detectors can be helpful in driving successful marketing campaigns.

Surprisingly, 20% of marketers think AI tools will have a negative impact on content quality, according to an Authority Hacker survey about AI usage. In all fairness to the positive aspects of the development of AI content creators, they may be right – repetition and so-called AI style are a big mistake, especially in terms of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms. At this point, AI content detectors can help generate content similar to human-written text.

This article will explore the five best AI content detection tools and software available in 2024, helping you make informed decisions about maintaining content authenticity. Among the top-rated tools, is the best due to its accuracy and reliability. Read on to discover the best AI detectors and meet their key features.

  2. – TraceGPT
  3. GPTZero
  4. Copyleaks
  5. Crossplag™ – AI Content Detector

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What Is the Best AI Content Detection Tool?

The best AI content detection tool is, thanks to its superior accuracy and comprehensive feature set. It excels in detecting AI-generated text from popular models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude, Llama, and Gemini, using advanced natural language processing techniques that ensure high precision. boasts a low false positive rate of approximately 2.5%, significantly minimizing the likelihood of human-written content being misclassified as AI-generated.

One of its unique features is the ability to detect paraphrased content accurately, a common method used to evade plagiarism checks. Additionally, it offers a full site scan to assess AI-generated content risks across entire websites, making it an invaluable tool for serious content creators and publishers.


The best AI content detection tool is, renowned for its precision and comprehensive features. It offers impressive accuracy in detecting AI-generated content, with a 99% detection rate for GPT-4 and 83% for ChatGPT (GPT-4 powered) while maintaining an impressively low false positive rate of approximately 2.5%.

The tool also provides side features that make AI detection even more useful. One of them is a plagiarism detection tool that uses text analysis to find automatically paraphrased elements in both AI- and human-written pieces. Fact Checker is another great feature that helps avoid publishing false information, often repeated by AI models. The platform also includes a readability score checker, aiding in optimizing content for better Google rankings.

Supporting 15 languages, is further enhanced by a user-friendly interface and team management capabilities, allowing you to add unlimited team members and share detailed scan reports. This makes it an ideal tool for content creators, publishers, and agencies looking to ensure the originality and quality of their content.

Key features of

  • AI content detection tool,
  • Multilanguage AI detection (15 languages),
  • Plagiarism detector,
  • Fack checking tool,
  • Readability feature,
  • Team management feature.

Capterra review: 5/5

Price: Base Subscription with all features: $14.95; One-time usage – $30.

2. – TraceGPT

TraceGPT by is one of the best AI content detection tools due to its advanced capabilities and reliable features. This tool is a Chrome extension designed to identify AI-generated text with 97% accuracy, making it a trusted choice for educators, SEO experts, and recruiters.

TraceGPT detects AI content using advanced algorithms that analyze various parameters, such as creativity and predictability ratios. It ensures transparency and security by deleting texts after checking and safeguarding them from leaks or reuse. Additionally, TraceGPT offers instant, downloadable PDF reports, enhancing its user-friendliness.

This intuitive tool supports SEO strategies by identifying machine-generated content that could harm search rankings. It helps craft copy that is both attractive for your audience and well-suited to Google algorithms. In addition, the tool offers a grammar checker feature, which can be useful in the content creation process.

Key features of TraceGPT:

  • AI content detector in the form of Chrome extension,
  • Transparency and security,
  • Plagiarism detection,
  • Grammar checker feature.

Capterra review: 5/5

Price: TraceGPT is an addition to AI Detector by
Price for individuals: from $5.99; for businesses: from $69

3. GPTZero

GPTZero ranks third in our list of the best AI content detection tools. It specializes in detecting text generated by large language models like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and other AI models. Trained on a diverse corpus of human-written and AI-generated text, GPTZero identifies AI content at the sentence, paragraph, and document levels, making it highly effective across various use cases, including education, hiring, and publishing.

It’s not only our choice – independent reviewers, e.g., from G2, have proven GPTZero to be one of the most reliable AI detectors. The tool offers descriptive results, not just raw detection scores, to help users understand and act on the findings. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily check AI- and human-written content with different highlight colors.

The tool can be easily integrated into other tools you use via API. It’s also available as a Chrome extension, enabling you to check AI-written texts in real-time while browsing, and as a Microsoft Word add-on. The tool can be used to generate writing reports that prove human-written texts.

Key features of GPTZero:

  • Multi-level AI-content detection,
  • High accuracy,
  • User-friendly interpretation,
  • API integrations,
  • Chrome extension, Microsoft Word add-on.

G2 review: 5/5

Price: Free Plan with limitations, Paid plans from $10 monthly.

4. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is our fourth pick of the best AI content detection tools. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to ensure content integrity and originality. Key features of Copyleaks include real-time detection, which allows for immediate verification of text authenticity, and its ability to handle multiple languages, making it versatile for global use.

One of Copyleaks’ greatest strengths is its precision in identifying AI-generated content. Its detection model is trained with extensive datasets, ensuring high accuracy in distinguishing human- and AI-generated content. One of its strengths is dual-track preparation for marketing teams and university purposes, detecting AI-generated academic work, and ensuring the originality of content in publishing and marketing.

Additionally, Copyleaks integrates seamlessly with various platforms through its customizable API, enabling businesses and educational institutions to incorporate its robust detection capabilities into their existing systems.

Key features of Copyleaks:

  • Complete AI model coverage,
  • Fast and highly accurate,
  • Paraphrased AI content detection,
  • AI-generated source code detection,
  • Security of GDPR level and SOC2, SOC3 compliance.

G2 review: 4.7/5

Price: Paid Plans from $7.99.

5. Crossplag™ – AI Content Detector

The AI Content Detector by Crossplag is a great tool for identifying AI-generated content due to its advanced technology, speed, accuracy, and user-friendly interface. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze various parameters, including the creativity/predictability ratio, to distinguish between human-written and machine-generated content accurately.

Crossplag’s AI detector boasts a high accuracy rate, ensuring reliable detection of AI-written content. It minimizes false positives, where human writing might be incorrectly flagged as AI-generated. The tool is designed to instantly verify the text’s authenticity, making it highly efficient for users who need quick results.

The tool ensures that implemented texts are not leaked or reused after checking, providing a secure environment for sensitive content. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to simply paste the text and click “Check” for immediate feedback, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy. The negative of the software is that it only supports English-language content.

Key features of AI Content Detector by Crossplag:

  • AI-written text detector,
  • Fast-working,
  • High accuracy,
  • Intuitive interface.

G2 review: 4.6/5

Price: Free

Which AI Content Detection Tool Is Best for Landing Pages?

For landing pages, the best AI content detection tool is, offering a comprehensive set of features specifically designed to ensure the authenticity and originality of content, which is crucial for maintaining the credibility and effectiveness of landing pages. can detect content generated by various AI models, ensuring that the text on landing pages is original and not AI-generated. It provides readability scores, helping optimize landing page content for better user engagement and SEO performance.

Some of its features, such as the full site scan option, are designed to scan entire pages – it speeds up the process of identifying AI-generated texts, ensuring the authenticity of all pages. Besides AI content detection, it also offers robust plagiarism checking, ensuring landing pages are unique and not copied from other sources. also supports teamwork, enabling the creation of multiple-member teams and sharing detailed scan reports, making it ideal for collaborative content creation and management.

It’s a great tool for landing pages, as it:

  • Ensures credibility – by detecting AI-generated content, helps maintain the credibility of landing pages, which is essential for building trust with visitors.
  • Enhances SEO – the readability scoring and plagiarism detection features contribute to creating high-quality, SEO-friendly content, improving search engine rankings.
  • Enables comprehensive content management – the ability to scan entire websites and manage team collaborations makes it an excellent tool for maintaining consistent and authentic content across all landing pages.

Who Should Use AI Content Detection Tools?

AI content detection tools are versatile and beneficial for a wide range of users across various industries, including:

  1. Content creators and marketers – writers, bloggers, and marketers can use these tools to verify their content is original, thereby maintaining credibility and avoiding potential legal issues. Detection tools also help ensure that the content is optimized for search engines, which can improve search rankings and visibility.
  2. Publishers and media organizations – they can use AI content detection tools to ensure that all published content meets high standards of originality, protecting the publication’s reputation, and to prevent copyright violations.
  3. Businesses and corporations – they can use these tools to safeguard their intellectual property by ensuring that all internal content is original. It helps maintain a company’s brand reputation and trustworthiness among customers and stakeholders.
  4. Educators and academic institutions – they can use AI content detection tools to prevent plagiarism and AI-generated essays, ensuring academic integrity. By identifying unoriginal content, educators can provide feedback to students, helping them understand the importance of original work and improve their writing skills.
  5. Students – they can use such tools to check their own work for originality, learn to produce original content and avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Which AI Content Detection Tool Is Best for Beginners?

For beginners, the best AI content detection tool is Copyleaks, designed with a user-friendly interface and full of comprehensive features that are accessible to users with little to no technical expertise. The intuitive design and straightforward setup make it easy for inexperienced users to start using AI-written content detection tools without needing extensive training.

Despite its simplicity, Copyleaks provides powerful detection capabilities, covering both AI-generated content and plagiarism. Extensive resources and reliable customer support ensure that users can learn how to use the tool effectively and get the most out of its features. The pricing structure makes it accessible to beginners, including students, educators, and small businesses, without significant financial commitment.

How to Choose the Best AI Content Detection Tool?

To choose the best AI content detection tool, consider the following 7 key factors to ensure the solution answers your problems and will support your work in the best way:

  1. Your needs
  2. Accuracy and reliability
  3. Key features
  4. Usability
  5. Pricing and plans
  6. Support
  7. Reviews

1. Your needs

The first factor to consider while choosing an AI detector is identifying your problems and needs. Consider whether you need the tool for educational purposes, content creation, publishing, or business. Each use case may require different features and levels of accuracy. Then, assess the amount of content you need to check regularly – some tools are better suited for high-volume scanning, while others are ideal for occasional use.

2. Accuracy and reliability

The second factor you should check out while choosing an AI detector is evaluating its detection capabilities. Look for tools with high accuracy rates in detecting AI-generated content, and ensure the tool has a low false positive rate to avoid misclassifying human-written content as AI-generated.

3. Key features

The third factor to consider while choosing an AI detector is scanning its key features. The primary function should be robust AI content detection across various AI models. If plagiarism detection is also important for your work, choose a tool that offers this feature alongside AI detection. Tools that provide readability scores and SEO analysis can benefit content creators and marketers. In the end, ensure the tool supports various text formats and integrates with other platforms you already use.

4. Usability

The fourth factor to think about while choosing an AI detector isthe tool’s usability. It should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, especially if you are a beginner or plan to have multiple team members. Evaluate how easy it is to set up and integrate the tool into your existing workflows or systems.

5. Pricing and plans

The fifth factor to consider when looking for a perfect AI detector is pricing and plans. Compare various tools’ pricing plans to ensure they fit within your budget, and consider whether the tool offers a free trial or demo to test its features before committing. Then, ensure the pricing plan can scale with your needs, especially if you anticipate increasing the content volume you need to check.

6. Support

The sixth factor to check before choosing an AI detector is support capabilities. You should choose a tool that offers reliable customer support to assist with any issues or questions. Look for tools that provide guides, tutorials, and other educational materials to help you get the most out of the software.

7. Reviews

The seventh factor that can’t be missed when selecting an AI detector is checking reviews. Scan platforms like G2 or Capterra to find the chosen tool reviews and get insights into other users’ experiences with the tool. Look for expert reviews and comparisons from reputable sources to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different tools.

The last advice is to test the tool before purchasing a paid subscription. Check any available free trials or demos to test its capabilities and ensure it meets your needs before making a final decision.

What Is the Average Cost of an AI Content Detection Tool?

The cost of AI content detection tools can vary widely depending on the features offered, the content volume to be checked, and the specific use case. From entirely free tools for $0 to full-of-feature professional plans for over $100 and enterprise solutions that cost hundreds, AI content detection plans offer various solutions. Hence, the cost depends on your needs.

  • Free plans and trials: $0 (content volume-limited trials, limited features)
  • Basic plans: from $5.99
  • Standard plans: $30 to $100 per month
  • Premium plans: $100 to $300 per month,
  • Enterprise plans: $300+ per month (depends on team members amount and content volume needs)

What Is an AI Content Detection Tool?

An AI content detection tool is a software application designed to identify content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) models, such as GPT-4, Claude, and other large language models. These tools analyze text to determine whether it is likely to have been written by a human or by an AI. They are increasingly important in various fields for ensuring content authenticity and originality. The key features of AI content detectors include the following:

  1. AI content detection,
  2. Plagiarism detection,
  3. Readability analysis,
  4. SEO optimization,
  5. Multiple language support.

The main benefits of using AI content detection tools involve:

  • Maintaining integrity – they ensure content is original and not written by AI, which is crucial for academic integrity, journalistic standards, and professional credibility.
  • Preventing plagiarism – these tools help identify and prevent plagiarism by detecting copied content and ensuring proper attribution.
  • Enhancing quality – tools that include readability and SEO features help improve the overall quality and effectiveness of the content.
  • Supporting compliance – AI detectors assist organizations in complying with ethical standards and guidelines by verifying the authenticity of their content.

What Is the Purpose of Using AI Content Detection Tools?

The purpose of using AI content detection tools is multifaceted, encompassing the need to ensure written content’s authenticity, originality, and quality across various domains. The key reasons for using artificial intelligence content detection tools include the following:

  • Ensuring content authenticity – AI content detection tools identify human-generated content and distinguish it from AI text generated by artificial intelligence, helping to ensure that content is genuinely created by humans. Maintaining the trustworthiness and credibility of the content is crucial, especially in contexts where human authorship is expected.
  • Maintaining academic integrity – in educational settings, these tools help detect essays, assignments, and papers written by AI, ensuring that students submit original work. It prevents academic dishonesty and upholds the standards of educational institutions.
  • Preventing plagiarism – by checking for plagiarism, tools that detect AI content help ensure that content is not copied from other sources. This is vital for maintaining the integrity of academic, journalistic, and professional writing.
  • Enhancing content quality – tools that provide additional features, like readability scores and SEO optimization tips, help improve the quality and effectiveness of content. This is particularly beneficial for marketers and content creators aiming to better engage their audience.
  • Supporting ethical standards – organizations and individuals can use these tools to ensure their content complies with ethical standards and guidelines, avoiding the use of AI-generated content. This is important for maintaining transparency and trust with audiences.
  • Protecting intellectual property – businesses, authors, and creators can use these tools to protect their intellectual property by ensuring that their content is original and not copied or replicated by others.
  • Ensuring accurate attribution – AI content detection tools help verify that citations and references are correctly attributed, ensuring that the original authors receive due recognition. In professional writing, it is crucial to give proper credit to original sources.
  • Supporting decision-making – by ensuring the originality and authenticity of content, these tools support better decision-making in various fields, from academia to business, where reliable information is critical.

Make Your Landing Pages Better with AI Detection Tools

AI content detection tools are vital in maintaining written content’s integrity, authenticity, and quality. They help prevent academic dishonesty, plagiarism, and the misuse of AI-generated text while supporting ethical standards and protecting intellectual property. Whether in education, publishing, business, or recruitment, these tools provide a reliable means to ensure that content is original and trustworthy, thereby upholding the standards and credibility of the respective fields.

As we move further into 2024, AI content detection tools continue evolving, offering increasingly sophisticated solutions to meet users’ needs. Choosing the right AI content detector depends on your needs, whether ensuring original marketing content or protecting intellectual property. Tools presented in this article offer unique features and benefits, making them indispensable in the modern digital landscape. As AI-generated content becomes more prevalent, investing in a reliable AI content detection tool is crucial for upholding your work’s authenticity and originality standards.

When you use Landingi to craft your landing pages, choose the best AI content detector for landing pages –, to improve your pages’ performance and SEO.

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