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How to use a landing page – 5 types of conversion

May 18, 2015 Rafaela Acar 5 min read

How to ude a landing page? Every campaign pursues a certain goal named conversion. Depending on a campaign, conversion has different goals. Therefore a precise definition of conversion is the first step towards creating a successful landing page. As you will soon find out, thanks to a landing page you can achieve a lot. We have identified 5 types of conversion on a landing page.


They will help you to define your goal:


Sale is the most frequently chosen purpose of a landing page. In an online shop, the landing page is used to communicate sale, promotional, or sales campaigns. When users go from advertisements to the page, most of them are still gathering information about the product and they are not ready to buy it yet. Hence creating a dedicated page with persuasive texts and focusing entirely on the advantages of purchase is much more convincing than directing the user to a simple product data sheet.

EXAMPLE: You can achieve excellent results by creating a landing page for a specific occasion, e.g. Valentine’s Day or Halloween. There are periods when many shops notice more visits to their websites. A planned advertising campaign which leads to a page that is prepared for a particular holiday will reinforce the users conviction that they have found the right place and the atmosphere of the page will encourage they to purchase.


2. Leads generation

In many industries, e.g. financial industry, an important element is building a contact base with contact data of potential customers, in other words: leads generation. The data collected are used in a sales process to phone or email customers. A landing page is the best way to gather leads. In this scenario the campaign directs users to the landing page that functions as a specially created page with a contact form which gives the interested users a chance to provide their data. The information obtained in that way is later used in following commercial contacts with potential customers.

EXAMPLE: Instead of promoting the whole range of services offered by a company, it is better to create a landing page dedicated to a single service. The most important element of the page should include the form which encourages its visitors to provide contact data in exchange for sending e.g. an offer. A list of advantages which the users can gain will encourage them to provide the information. The data obtained with the form are a great help for a sales specialist for whom they are source of basic knowledge about the potential customer.


3. Redirecting to another page

The actions require sometimes simple information pages that present a product or a service and encourage to move forward, where the action will be finalised.

EXAMPLE: If we promote or sale a mobile application, it should be presented on a landing page which will show its functionality and encourage the visitors to use it. The users persuaded in this way will be redirected to Google Play or AppStore, where they can download the application.


4. Encouraging users to share the information with their acquaintances

Landing page is an effective tool to carry out viral actions. An interesting or unique content featured on the page, which will deliver the target group specific value, will make the recipients forward the information to other people. A well-constructed landing page with elements that facilitate forwarding information, e.g. social network elements, may have a wide range of influence even with low advertising costs.

EXAMPLE: Preparing an e-book that discusses an interesting industry-related subject in detail may become a product desired by the target group. Especially, if it addresses a new issue, which has not been discussed in a comprehensive study yet. It is recommended that you take advantage of the opportunity and present the content of the e-book on the landing page in an attractive way and encourage the visitors to download it. If you add share on facebook, twitter or similar plug-ins, it will allow the users to make the interesting information available to their acquaintances in a simple way.


5. Getting feedback

Landing page can be used to gather opinions on the product of service. By placing there a form that enables users to post a comment, you can obtain valuable information about your business, which is indispensable for improving your products and services.

EXAMPLE: When you are running a campaign aimed at your customers it is worth asking them for feedback. Thanks to dividing the email base, you can redirect the users from the mailing list to a dedicated landing page, where they will be asked to provide their opinion, e.g. loyal customers – suggestions for product improvement, lost customers – reason for resigning from the service.


Nowadays a website is not enough to conduct a successful advertising campaign. Fortunately, a landing page can be used in such a campaign, and not only in e-commerce but also in other industries. A page that is specially adapted to a particular type of conversion and a message that matches the target group will ensure much better results.


Rafaela Acar

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