Lead Generation for INSPIRE Sourcing – case study

Last updated: March 16, 2021 Written by: Kamil Hatko Kamil Hatko
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    Employee and company training courses are crucial elements of every thriving business. However, the costs of competence improvement or personal development are quite high. Therefore, it is a good idea to check if there are any funding programmes for such courses.

    This is where INSPIRE Sourcing comes in with assistance. It is a company we had the pleasure of cooperating with as part of our Lead Generation service.

    INSPIRE’s defined business goal was to reach those who were interested in funding programmes for company training courses. Previous actions had been focused on the company’s homepage and owned contacts and recommendations. Shortly afterwards, INSPIRE felt the need to complement its marketing strategy with an additional channel for getting more hot leads.

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      Name the strengths

      We asked INSPIRE what strengths were the most important in their offer and what made their customers see INSPIRE as a business partner. We named four aspects:

      • funding up to PLN 100.000;
      • up to 80% funding for training and consulting services;
      • over 12 years of experience;
      • free preparation of documentation.

      On that basis, we created the core of the offer. It was highlighted on a custom-made landing page and adverts:

      Landing page vs. company homepage

      To take advantage of the Lead Generation campaign potential, we started with preparing a landing page dedicated to the campaign. INSPIRE Sourcing already had a homepage describing their offer. In the process of creating the landing page, we used our experience in the division of sections, page logic, and lead-generating form. First of all, we came up with new logic on a landing page. Recipients moving through it should take at last one particular action – arrange a conversation.

      INSPIRE landing page

      Prior to this, they were supposed to learn:

      • What are the offer’s strengths;
      • What is the company like;
      • What is the funding process;
      • What are the criteria to get the funding;
      • What is the exemplary case study;
      • What companies have already benefited from the service, what are their opinions.

      There was a CTA button (Call To Action) in every section leading recipients directly to a contact form.

      With the new logic, INSPIRE Sourcing was notified of every new lead who filled the form. Because of that, it was possible to contact each person quickly and talk to them about all the details of the cooperation.

      Campaign results

      Running a campaign for INSPIRE Sourcing, we focused on search campaigns.

      Our goal was to reach those who seek funding possibilities for training courses in Lesser Poland.
      The campaign and optimization resulted in 45 leads, which cost PLN 81.20 per lead.

      One of the additional goals was to increase the target group’s awareness about the INSPIRE Sourcing offer. For this purpose, we used a display campaign. We have decided to go with keyword-based targeting – it means banners were broadcasted to those recipients who had already searched for training courses or training funding programs in the Lesser Poland area.

      Adverts were seen 2 million times and 5 thousand recipients were interested in them. The average cost of getting one user on a landing page was low, PLN 0.32. Interaction with the banner before the visit on a landing page by two users ended with conversion.

      For those who had already come into contact with INSPIRE, e.g. by means of a landing page, we prepared different banners and communication. Remarketing campaign ended with interaction unit cost that amounted to a decent level of PLN 1.01.

      98% of landing page traffic was generated by our Google Ads campaigns – resulting in 5405 users during the entire period of cooperation. On average, users spent 14 seconds on a landing page. This time was enough to become familiar with the most important aspects of the offer.


      Generating leads is not the easiest thing to do in the training industry or training business, but proper campaigns and optimization do make it possible.

      Well-prepared infrastructure is essential and determines the success of lead generation campaigns. Our goals were easier to achieve thanks to new logic on a landing page and improved contact form.

      What is worth mentioning is the recipient’s low entry threshold. INSPIRE Sourcing offered free consultancy and verification to the interested viewers. Those who filled the contact form were aware that it didn’t mean concluding any contract and that the conversation didn’t oblige them to do anything. As a result, leads agreed to the processing of their data and to be contacted by INSPIRE Sourcing in the future.

      Try Landing pages for your business

      Such contact possibility enabled later cooperation, although the first stage - the conversation - did not result in reaching it. Maybe in the near future, some new supporting programs for company training will appear, who knows. If so, INSPIRE will be able to communicate with leads generated in this campaign quickly.

      The infrastructure we have created is universal, and it allows for a start of a new campaign at any moment. Moreover, after a few modifications, it can be adjusted to a different target group or service.

      Last but not least, on a personal note – I believe every entrepreneur should be interested in training courses and the way they are funded. Having said that, I highly recommend contacting INSPIRE Sourcing!