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Landing Page vs Homepage – The Main Differences

May 8, 2018 Jarosław Ściślak 5 min read

Yes, a landing page is a form of internet page. Yes, it can incorporate an idea behind a homepage, to a degree. Yes, it’s vastly different than a homepage. No, you don’t want to turn it into another failed exposition for window shoppers. A landing page is a marketing vehicle that effectively converts visitors and boost sales. It’s possible due to differences between the nature of both. Then, landing page vs homepage: what are the differences and how can you benefit from them?

Audience and Purpose

The main goal of a landing page is to convince the visitor to perform a certain action. It can be a newsletter sign-up or an ebook download, for example. The whole structure of a landing page has to reflect that goal and, alongside the layout, be responsible for an optimal environment for conversion.

To achieve conversion, you have to understand your audience. They are not interested in standard advertising efforts and your goals towards it. People potentially interested in your offer want:

  • Clear, instantly understandable information about your product or offer
  • Benefits after completing your CTA (the reason for doing it at all)
  • No distractions in the form of unnecessary copy, graphics, links, etc.

You need to present them viable information about how your product or service can help them in their daily lives; what it’s about and how it jibes with their daily routine. A homepage is not like that – it involves a lot of tabs, categories, and extensive information that muddies the waters.


A homepage gains traffic from an organic search. This is nice, but it limits your ability to know from where the traffic actually came. It’s not the case for landing pages since you know exactly what ads and search terms brought your audience to your offer. They want a very specific set of information, so your content should reflect that. It should be aligned with internet searches or paid ads.

Be brief, don’t produce empty paragraphs. The overall feeling from the visitor should be expressed as “This is exactly what I’m looking for!” Don’t write about features, write about benefits. Don’t distract a visitor with irrelevant content.

Content should also be value-based, and what’s more valuable for a potential customer than other customers speaking on behalf of the product? That’s what we mean when we say social proof – customer testimonials. A customer uses his or her own words to express satisfaction from using a product or service. There can be room for that on a webpage, it’s highly welcomed on a landing page.

Be brief, don’t produce empty paragraphs. The overall feeling from the visitor should be expressed as “This is exactly what I’m looking for!”

Navigation and links

When we say “homepage” we mean “navigation”. There is no need for navigation on a landing page, since it’s a form dedicated for almost instant communication. A landing page should be short and should exclude additional complications.

When it comes to links – don’t use any. I know that it sometimes can be tempting – posting a link to a portfolio to show examples can be a tremendous help for the user and build credibility and trust, but that’s what photos and one short paragraph is all about. Don’t build another version of your already existing homepage. Get rid of absolutely everything that can cause confusion. The only element of navigation or a link should be a CTA button.

A Call-to-Action button

A homepage is often treated as a resource. A desk clerk. You want something, you ask. Or in this case, you browse. There is no need to deepen the relationship. You want more, you go to a manager or salesperson. You want something more than a homepage – you call a manager.

A Call-to-Action (CTA) button is something unique for a webpage and it should be straightforward. It should answer a visitor’s question: what will happen if I click this? Do I buy a product, download an ebook, or sell my soul to a subscription service for another year? 😉


Don’t treat your landing page as an excuse to copy everything on your homepage. Step outside of your comfort zone and create a highly converting tool that will boost your sales by addressing the real problems and challenges of everyday people.

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