Every month, our team is working in sweat to create new features and improve creation of landing pages for our users. Thanks to the improvements you get a lot more opportunities than ever before. Here’s the short list of all the changes we have been working on.


Ability to link icons

We’ve introduced new feature for icons. Now you can add link for each icon widget. Ti works similarly to the image links. When you select an icon inside the editor, you can set “on click” event and enable link feature from right sidebar. You can paste your URL address and choose which browser tab will open that link (new or current). This functionality allows to add links to the icons with ease.

Abillity to add link for icons

The new JavaScript module

We’ve introduced new module where you can manage your custom JavaScript codes. Now you can add and manage where the code renders simply. The most important thing is that you can add code to the head tag (for example Google Tag Manager code). You can also add code after opening body tag or before closing body tag. Additionally, we added ability to temporarily disable some of the codes.

Current users can still add custom JavaScript codes on editor in setting tab. For new accounts this feature is disabled and they can add JavaScript codes by new module only. Here’s dedicated instruction: Custom JavaScript (conversion code, remarketing pixel, analytics etc).

The new module JavaScript

Sender email for autoresponder feature

If you want to have own domain as a sender you have to be valid and verified by adding SPF and DKIM records. We still support sending email from autoresponder with your own email address, if you want to send email with your own domain you have to follow steps from this instruction: Sending autoresponders using your own email address.

New “Terms of use”

Was also amended our “Terms of use”. This change has already been communicated to users in the application. If interested, I refer to the source: Terms of use.


All the new features that we will introduce in Landingi will be communicated as a monthly summary. Soon you can expect more changes. If you are looking for more about how to make the various functionalities into force recommend to check in our Knowledge Base.