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Home Blog Video Landing Page: Definition, How to Create & 5 Examples

Video Landing Page: Definition, How to Create & 5 Examples

Video landing pages are pivotal in engaging a visitor immediately with appealing video content. See the top 5 examples, understand the creation process, and follow best practices to inspire your designs.
video landing page examples

A video landing page is your digital space where you can effectively capture and hold the attention of potential clients and viewers. It is the primary interface where visitors get their first glimpse of the visual stories you tell, the messages you convey, and the unique approach you bring to video production. Your video landing page forms initial impressions, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in your content and ascertain if your vision aligns with their expectations.

Did you know that 55% of users spend less than 15 seconds on a landing page? It underscores the importance of video content that captures visitor attention from the first seconds.

This article delves into the critical components that transform video landing pages from simple introductory platforms to captivating engagement hubs. We’ll highlight exemplary video landing pages, each chosen for their effectiveness in presenting the creator’s narrative and connecting with their intended audience on a meaningful level.

Discover the key to turning casual browsers into committed viewers and collaborators with our expert insights. Start with these 5 vital tips for developing your video landing page:

  • Craft a layout that brings your videos to the forefront, mirroring your unique creative voice,
  • Employ direct, compelling CTAs that guide viewers toward your desired action,
  • Feature testimonials and endorsements to build credibility and trust,
  • Combine visually striking elements with succinct, powerful messaging,
  • Ensure an intuitive browsing experience on any device.

Explore the best video landing page examples, uncover the key features that set them apart, and learn how to leverage these insights to create your own landing page.

  1. Woodgreen Pets Charity
  2. Fotografiska
  3. Triibe
  4. Scorpion
  5. Esse

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What Is a Video Landing Page?

A video landing page is a webpage designed with a clear focus on featuring a video as the primary content element to engage visitors. This video, strategically placed to capture attention upon arrival, communicates the page’s main message or value proposition more dynamically and compellingly than text or images alone could. The purpose of the video is to provide visitors with an engaging overview of a product, service, or company, enhancing their understanding and increasing the likelihood of converting them into leads or customers.

Such landing pages leverage the power of visual storytelling to make a lasting impact on the viewer, often resulting in higher engagement rates and better conversion performance compared to traditional landing pages. Video content can involve:

  • product demonstrations,
  • testimonials,
  • company overviews,
  • explainer videos,
  • background videos.

In addition to the video, a well-optimized video landing page includes a compelling headline, a clear call-to-action, and, optionally, supplementary content that supports the video’s message. The goal is to create a cohesive and immersive experience that guides the visitor towards taking a desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing, or requesting more information. Given the increasing preference for video content among internet users, video landing pages have become a powerful tool in digital marketing strategies.

How Do I Create a Video Landing Page?

To create a landing page with a video as its main part, define your objective and prepare an immersive video, craft catchy headlines, design the overall layout around the video, add an irresistible CTA, and don’t forget about continuous improvement. Follow the detailed 8-step guide to build a video landing page that captivates visitors’ attention and effectively turns them into leads.

1. Define your goal

Firstly, clarify the purpose of your video landing page. Is it to generate leads, promote a product, increase registrations, or something else? Your goal will guide the video content, the design of the page, and the call-to-action you’ll use.

2. Produce a compelling video

Secondly, produce a compelling video. Remember, it has to be the centerpiece of your landing page, so it should be engaging, professional, and aligned with your goal. It should also resonate with the target audience’s expectations. Keep it concise – ideally 1-2 minutes long – to maintain viewer interest. Ensure it clearly communicates your value proposition and encourages viewers to take the next step.

Human attention span reaches 8 seconds, according to Microsoft studies – can you create content that engages from the first glance? Users rarely fully engage with the text. They find it quicker to absorb information when it’s offered visually.

3. Craft a clear, concise headline

Thirdly, craft a clear, concise headline. It should be catchy and complement the video by summarizing your offer’s benefit or value. The headline has to entice visitors to watch the video to learn more, so unleash your creativity and find the best words to introduce your offer.

4. Design your page around the video

Fourthly, design your page around the video – the layout should focus on the video, ensuring it’s prominently placed and immediately visible without scrolling. Minimize distractions by keeping other elements simple and directing all attention toward the video and CTA.

5. Include a direct CTA

Fifthly, include a direct CTA. The button should be clear and compelling, telling visitors exactly what action you want them to take after watching the video. Position the CTA prominently near the video, and consider repeating it at the bottom of the page for visitors who scroll.

6. Optimize for load speed and mobile

Sixthly, optimize your landing page for load speed and mobile. You don’t have to worry about drop-offs when your landing page and video load quickly. The page should also be mobile-friendly, given the significant number of users who will access it on mobile devices.

7. Add supporting content (optional)

Seventhly, add supporting content if necessary. Include extra information that supports the video’s message, such as bullet points highlighting key benefits, testimonials, or social proof. Keep this content succinct to maintain focus on the video.

8. Test and optimize

Eighthly, regularly test and optimize your video landing page. Use A/B testing to experiment with different elements of your video landing page, such as the headline, video, CTA, and page layout. Analyze performance metrics to identify what works best and continue to optimize for higher conversion rates.

5 Best Examples of Video Landing Pages

The 5 best examples of video landing pages showcased below serve as both inspiration and instructive guides. Learn how to apply theoretical principles to craft a video landing page that drives conversions. Analyze key insights, identify the strengths and areas for enhancement in these examples, discover the ideal video landing page template, and begin designing your page to captivate and convert new customers.

1. Woodgreen Pets Charity

Woodgreen’s landing page efficiently uses a background video to capture visitors’ attention and send emotional cues, encouraging them to take action and donate to the pet charity. The video itself ideally captures the essence of Woodgreen Pets Charity’s work, which involves rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming pets in need. The hero section includes a clear, engaging headline with a short description, supplementing the background video message.

The main objective is to encourage visitors to donate, so the CTA button, placed in a strategic top-right corner on a sticky navigation bar, has an outstanding design with straightforward messaging to direct visitors’ attention to the action effectively. The background video tells a story that engages in learning more about the organization, so the CTA button placed near the video leads to the page showcasing residents of the Dog House waiting for their new families.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Engaging background video,
  • Outstanding CTA buttons,
  • Clear headline with a short description,
  • Touching pictures,
  • Clear donation form with alternative options.

Improvement areas:

  • Social proof – the page could include some stories of pets getting proper care thanks to donations, showcasing the importance of financial support, to boost credibility and impact higher conversion rates.

Pick a Gardening Company template from Landingi, create a video background, customize headlines, and craft a simple form to generate leads effectively.

traditional landing page template

2. Fotografiska

The landing page of Fotografiska Museum welcomes visitors with an immersive background video involving exhibitions in real-life shots with real people experiences. This marketing video works as the best advertisement, engaging page visitors into art. This click-through landing page directs visitors to alternative pages dedicated to each museum localization.

A clear layout with strategic white space and bold headlines make the page highly intuitive and easy to navigate, delivering visitors a seamless experience regardless of the device they use. Minimal written content combined with attractive, high-quality pictures impact the page’s efficiency, providing high conversion rates.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Immersive background video,
  • Bold headlines,
  • High-quality static images,
  • Minimal written content,
  • Social media buttons.

Improvement areas:

  • CTA – the page should include an outstanding CTA button with straightforward messaging, like “Book Tickets”, to boost conversion rates.

Promote your events with the effective Concert template from Landingi – add background video, implement strong CTAs, and engage potential customers in your offer.

video landing page templates

3. Triibe

The Triibe application landing page captures the audience’s attention with relevant video content describing product features. The video appears in an uncommon shape that aligns with the overall web design. Its strategic placement and use of white space ensure nothing distracts visitors from the main video content.

The overall page design is engaging but not overwhelming, showcasing app features and benefits in concise sections. Below the video, visitors can find the FAQ section that delivers additional information and answers possible doubts. The CTA button appears in the hero section and at the bottom of the page, which is a great method to enhance the likelihood of conversion.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Stunning yet clear layout,
  • Video content,
  • Concise written content,
  • FAQ section,
  • Outstanding CTA.

Improvement areas:

  • Video duration – the perfect video should take no more than 90 seconds to keep the visitor’s attention and effectively impact the decision-making process.

Choose the Airland template to promote your app effectively – add the video explaining complex concepts to engage visitors in your offer

video landing page templates for tech & software industry

4. Scorpion

The Scorpion landing page promoting law firms’ marketing services is a great example of how to use testimonial videos, a powerful tool in building trust and credibility with potential clients. By incorporating these videos, Scorpion showcases a real-life success story of a law firm that has benefitted from its marketing services.

The page is well-structured, including a compelling headline with a short description placed near the testimonial video. The video itself is prominently placed in an unusual way – it’s a tile with a quote and caption, including a play button. The outstanding CTA button with straightforward messaging appears near the video and in a strategic top-right corner on a sticky bar, giving visitors easy access to action regardless of scrolling depth.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Simple layout with strategic white space,
  • Testimonial video,
  • Clear headline with a short description,
  • Well-designed CTA button,
  • Written testimonials with professional pictures,
  • Benefits section,
  • Case studies.

Improvement areas:

  • Play button – the shape of a play button should be more intuitive to encourage watching video, ultimately leading to higher engagement.

To easily draw inspiration and convert visitors into customers, choose the Business Consultant template, add relevant videos, and use the Landingi platform to test key elements after launching your landing page.

video landing page templates

5. Esse

Esse’s landing page promoting sunscreen effectively engages visitors with a video about the product, showing how to use it and what results can be expected. The page is well-designed with clarity, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices. Short product details description with numbers saying more than words and quality indicating badges is supplemented with a short video miniature.

The purchasing CTA button is outstanding, with clear messaging indicating the action visitors should take. All the benefits are organized with bulleted lists, which are the best for human eyes. The page also includes customer testimonials, boosting visitors’ trust and influencing their decision-making process.

Key takeaways to learn from this example:

  • Clear layout,
  • Short product video,
  • High-quality static images,
  • Customer reviews,
  • Oustanding CTA button,
  • Quality indicating badges,
  • Concise written content.

Improvement areas:

  • CTA – to boost conversions, the CTA button should also appear near the video.

Pick the Perfumes template from Landingi’s gallery and easily customize it with a user-friendly editor – add immersive product video, create an outstanding CTA button, and engage visitors to buy your product.

video landing page templates for product promotion

3 Video Landing Page Best Practices

To craft a stunning video landing page, check the 3 best practices for enhancing visitor engagement, allowing to optimize the page for better user experience, and, ultimately, leveraging conversion rates. These strategies are designed to enhance the efficiency of your landing page, transforming passive viewers into active clients or supporters.

#1 Prioritize video quality and relevance

The first best practice for a video landing page is to prioritize video quality and relevance. Ensuring your video is in high-definition and closely aligns with your core message or offer is crucial for capturing and retaining viewer attention on your landing page. High-definition video quality is imperative not just for aesthetic reasons but also for maintaining professionalism and credibility. It reflects your brand’s commitment to quality and detail, which can significantly influence viewers’ perceptions and engagement levels.

Take a look at the example below:

Moreover, the content of the video must be directly relevant to the product, service, or idea you are promoting. This relevance is key to immediately grabbing the viewer’s interest and keeping them engaged. By closely aligning the video content with your message or offer, you ensure that the viewer understands your value proposition right from the start.

#2 Keep it concise and focused

The second best practice for a video landing page is to keep it concise and focused. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, viewers often prefer content that can be quickly consumed, making the brevity of your video a critical factor in maintaining interest. A concise video ensures that your audience remains engaged from start to finish without the risk of them losing interest or clicking away.

Take a look at the example below:

An engaging video also relies on a dynamic presentation style, using visuals, animations, or storytelling techniques that enhance the narrative without diluting the message. The goal is to create a seamless flow of information that is both informative and entertaining, ensuring that each second of the video adds value and builds towards your call to action (CTA).

Dan Shewan, a Web Content Specialist, recommends testing various video versions to find the most effective one. Run A/B tests with different video durations to find out if 90-second content works better than shorter ones or conversely.

#3 Place CTA strategically

The third best practice for a video landing page is to strategically place the CTA button near the video. After investing time in watching your video, viewers are at a heightened state of receptivity; a well-positioned CTA can capitalize on this moment, converting interest into action.

Take a look at the example below:

The physical placement of the CTA plays a crucial role in conversion rates. Ideally, it should be in close proximity to the video player, where it can draw the viewer’s eye immediately after or even during video playback. Consider placing the CTA both above and below the video to accommodate different viewer preferences and browsing behaviors. Additionally, making the CTA button visually distinctive through contrasting colors or animation can further attract attention and encourage clicks.

HubSpot’s data shows that implementing a CTA that is personalized according to the behavior of visitors can boost conversion rates by up to 42%. Try various CTA versions with A/B testing tools to find the most effective one.

How Can I Optimize My Video Landing Page for Higher Conversion Rates?

To optimize your video landing page for higher conversion rates, focus on video quality and optimize its placement, craft catchy headlines, streamline overall page design, remember about SEO and mobile optimization, and optimize the CTA button for higher efficiency. Meet the 7 key strategies and incorporate them to enhance the effectiveness of your portfolio landing page:

1. Focus on video quality

Firstly, focus on video quality. Ensure your video is perfect, both in terms of production and content. A professional-looking video that clearly communicates your message can significantly increase viewer engagement and trust.

2. Optimize video placement

Secondly, optimize video placement. It should be the centerpiece of the landing page, placed prominently where visitors can easily view it without scrolling, to encourage more views and engagement.

3. Streamline the design

Thirdly, streamline the design. Keep the page layout clean and focused, minimizing distractions that could draw attention away from the video and CTA. Use a simple color scheme and layout that highlights the video.

4. Use a clear and strong CTA

Fourthly, use a clear and strong CTA. Position an action-oriented CTA near the video, encouraging viewers to take the next step, whether signing up, purchasing, or another desired action. Make sure the CTA stands out visually.

5. Enable autoplay for the video (with caution)

Fifthly, enable autoplay for the video. It will engage visitors instantly. However, ensure the video starts without sound – it could annoy or drive away visitors. Users should have the option to enable sound easily.

6. Consider adding subtitles

Sixthly, consider adding subtitles. It’s the best way to engage users who watch your video without sound and make your message understandable for those who are not fluent in your language.

Did you know that 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound? These statistics from Kapwing showcase that adding subtitles to your video content is a must if you want to answer user habits.

7. Optimize for loading speed

Seventhly, optimize your page for loading speed. Video can significantly impact page load times, so optimize it for the web by compressing it without losing quality. Use a reliable hosting solution to ensure the video loads quickly for all users.

8. Ensure mobile responsiveness

Eighthly, ensure mobile responsiveness to provide a seamless experience across various devices. Most traffic comes from mobile devices, so your video landing page must be responsive. Test the page on various devices to ensure the video plays correctly and the page is easy to navigate.

9. Test and refine

Ninthly, regularly test and refine your landing page. Use A/B testing to try different versions of your video, headlines, CTAs, and page layouts. Analyze performance data to identify what works best and continuously refine your page for optimal results.

10. Optimize for SEO

Tenthly, optimize your landing page for SEO. Include relevant keywords in your page title, meta description, and video transcript to help improve your page’s visibility in search engine results.

11. Track user engagement

Lastly, track user engagement. Utilize analytics tools to track how visitors interact with your video and landing page. Look at metrics like video view count, play rate, and how long people stay on the page to gain insights into what’s working and what isn’t.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly enhance the conversion potential of your video landing page, turning viewers into leads and customers.

What Are the Key Elements of an Effective Video Landing Page?

An effective video landing page comprises key elements, including an engaging video as its centerpiece, catchy headlines, a strong call-to-action, social proof, and SEO elements, all kept in a simple and clear layout. A well-designed video landing page expertly combines visual appeal with practical utility, serving as an impactful platform to display your projects, expertise, and professional milestones. Explore the comprehensive breakdown of the crucial components of a video landing page outlined below:

#1 Engaging video content

The first key element of an effective video landing page is engaging video content, serving as its core. It should be high-quality, concise, and compelling, providing viewers with a clear understanding of your offer or message. The video should be relevant to your target audience, addressing their needs or interests directly.

#2 Catchy, concise headline

The second key element of an effective video landing page is a catchy headline. It should immediately capture attention and concisely convey your offer’s main value proposition or benefit. It sets the expectation for what the viewer will learn or gain by watching the video.

#3 Strong CTA button

The third key element of an effective video landing page is a strong CTA button. It guides viewers on what to do next – whether it’s signing up, making a purchase, or another action. The CTA should be visible and placed strategically near the video to catch the viewer’s attention immediately after they’ve engaged with your content.

Notice that landing pages featuring several offers experience a 266% decrease in conversion rates, as shown in Gitnux marketing statistics – keep your page focused on the primary goal and implement a strong CTA.

#4 Responsive design

The fourth key element of an effective video landing page is a responsive design. It ensures that the page and video are easily viewable on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Your video landing page must perform flawlessly across all devices, as significant traffic comes from mobile.

#5 Social proof

The fifth key element of an effective video landing page is social proof. Incorporating testimonials, reviews, or endorsements enhances credibility and trust. Including social proof near the video can reassure viewers of your product’s or service’s value and effectiveness.

#6 Simple layout

The sixth key element of an effective video landing page is a simple layout. Keep the design and content of the page simple and focused. Minimize distractions to ensure that the video and CTA are the main focuses. A clean, intuitive layout helps maintain viewer attention on the message and action you want them to take.

These elements, when combined effectively, create a powerful video landing page that can significantly improve engagement, convey your message clearly, and drive conversions.

What Is the Best Video Landing Page Builder?

The best photography landing page builder is Landingi, a platform exquisitely tailored to meet the unique demands of creatives and marketers looking to spotlight their video content while engaging potential clients or viewers. Renowned for its intuitive builder interface and comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools, Landingi sets itself apart as the ideal solution for both burgeoning creators eager to launch their online video showcase and seasoned professionals aiming to expand their online presence.

Landingi lays the groundwork for your video showcase with an extensive collection of templates, each meticulously designed to highlight the visual appeal of your videos and captivate your target audience. These templates are fine-tuned for optimal user engagement and conversion, allowing you to focus on personalizing the aesthetic elements.

The platform’s A/B testing capability enables precise fine-tuning of your page, experimenting with various designs and content setups to discover the most effective format for your audience. Features like EventTracker shed light on visitor interactions with your page, providing actionable insights for enhancing your video landing page engagement. Landingi also offers AI Assistance, customizable forms, popups, and widgets to improve your page’s visibility on search engines, meet and exceed visitor expectations, and generate leads that facilitate your professional advancement.

Landingi empowers creative professionals with a toolkit combining ease of design and advanced optimization capabilities. This harmonious blend positions Landingi as the top choice, combining user-friendliness with the comprehensive functionality required to make a mark in the competitive digital landscape.

Create a Perfect Video Landing Page with Landingi

A well-crafted video landing page can be a game-changer in your digital marketing strategy, delivering unparalleled engagement levels, boosting conversion rates, and significantly enhancing the overall effectiveness of your online presence.

Creating an engaging page is the first step, as the best conversion results come with ongoing optimization. By applying targeted CRO techniques, you can develop a landing page that not only aligns with your creative vision but also actively captivates and converts visitors into leads, loyal customers, or partners.

Equipped with the appropriate tools and insights drawn from standout examples of video landing pages, now is the time to craft your ideal video landing page. Discover Landingi today and initiate the evolution of a standard page into a vibrant, high-converting digital marketing tool that resonates with viewers and marks your presence in the digital market.

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