To make sure all of you are updated I’ve created summary of changes which has been made in our application in May. We’ve worked on several improvements inside the editor to make it better. Most of them were code based improvements so there are almost no visual changes.
Monthly Update May 2016 Landingi

A/B test variant as a new landing page

Now you can create new landing page from variant which has been added to your a/b test. To do that you need to go to your a/b test settings and open dropdown menu near your variant and choose “Duplicate as a new landing”.
Monthly Update May 2016 Landingi ab tests

New integration with PayPal

We’ve introduced new integration with PayPal as a payment method. Now you can use your PayPal account to pay for the app and enable subscription. Our old PayPal’s integration works as one time payment only.
Monthly Update May 2016 Landingi PayPal

Improvements on gallery

Now users have ability to select as many pictures as they want and remove it or move to another folder. It makes your gallery easier to manage.
Monthly Update May 2016 Landingi Gallery

New Landingi’s main page layout

We refreshed the layout of our home page, which hasn’t been refreshed for quite some time. We wanted our new users understand the key benefits of our platform with ease.
monthly update may 2016 landingi home page

P.S. Do you like our new site? 🙂

All the future features that will be communicated as a monthly summary. If you are looking for more about how to get most of the new functionalities, we recommend checking our Knowledge Base.