Best 40 Software Solutions Your Marketing Team Should Know

Last updated: November 16, 2023 Written by: Karolina Niegłos

The goal of your marketing efforts is to succeed – to achieve it you must ensure that your team can make the most of the best marketing solutions.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 40+ marketing tools you’ll want to explore to level-up your marketing results.

Why Your Marketing Team Needs to Use Different Tools

Marketing is more complex today than ever before. Each day, your professional team members will use their skills to perform a range of marketing tasks like lead generation, content creation, market research, and much more.

To get the best results in those areas, your team members need a fine strategy and the best project tools. As a marketing manager, you’ve got to make sure that your team members have the right tools at their fingertips to do their best work – that they have access to landing page templates, email marketing platforms, SEO tools, and more.

These best marketing tools can help your team members to create work that is accurate, timely, data-backed, and of the highest possible quality.

40+ Marketing Software Solutions

Now that we understand why the right tools are so important, let’s take a look at the 40+ best marketing tools for agencies according to the main categories:

1. Filestage


Filestage is a review and approval platform that simplifies and streamlines the content review process for creative professionals. Internal and external stakeholders can leave in-context feedback with just a few clicks, while project managers can monitor approvals and execute flawless version control.

Key features

  • Comment on all file types
  • Integrated to-do list
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Simple version control
  • Annotations for intuitive feedback


Filestage offers three pricing plans on a monthly or yearly basis. That includes the Starter, Pro, and Enterprise levels. The starter package begins at $99 per month.

2. ProofHub


ProofHub is an all-in-one project planning software that gives project managers control over their team and their projects. ProofHub places a strong emphasis on helping marketing teams to plan, collaborate, organize, deliver, and more.

Key features

  • Lots of integrations
  • Task management
  • Kanban boards and Gantt charts


ProofHub offers two tiers billed annually: Essential and Ultimate Control. The Essential package starts at $45 each month.

3. Scoro


Scoro is a comprehensive business management software that aims to solve the constant shuffling and fragmentation that can harm marketing productivity. The tool does this by offering a one-stop-shop for business management.

Key features

  • Time tracking
  • Project planning, scheduling, and tracking
  • Financial reports
  • Sales tracking
  • Sophisticated reporting


Scoro offers four pricing plans that can be billed on a monthly or yearly basis. The “Essential” package starts at $26 per user per month.

4. Chanty


Chanty is an AI-powered team chat solution that makes it simpler for team members to share knowledge and project information in one place. The tool helps teams to communicate, collaborate, connect, organize, focus, and relax.

Key features

  • Text, voice, or video communication
  • Simple to share files, links, and tasks
  • Integration with popular apps
  • Robust filtering tools


Scoro offers a “Free” and “Business” package. The business package is priced at $3 per user per month.

5. Stackfield


Stackfield offers a suite of marketing tools within a secure environment. The tool offers team chat, thread-based discussions, task management, and more to keep teams as productive as possible.

Key features

  • End-to-end data encryption
  • ISO-certified data centers
  • A host of marketing tools


Stackfield offers a wide range of pricing plans with its starter package coming in at $29 per month and organization.

6. ClickUp


ClickUp is a marketing productivity app that bills itself as the future of work. The tool achieves this by offering a range of functionality including tasks, documents, chat, goals, timelines, reminders, and more.

Key features

  • High-profile integrations
  • Customizable spaces
  • Task management
  • Agile board views


ClickUp offers four pricing options with a free option that includes limited features.

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    The right marketing tools can transform the productivity of your marketing team – we hope that you’ve found your next secret weapon in this post. If you have a tool that you would like to add to this list, please let us know.

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