13 Content Creation Tools to Develop a Selling Landing Page

February 27, 2017 5 min read Written by: Avatar Gloria Kopp
Table of contents
Table of contents

Content creation is a vital component to your online success. Simply getting people to visit your landing page isn’t enough – you’ve got to convert those clicks into actual sales in order to build and grow your online business. And, a huge component of how those conversions are made is through the content you provide. Readers want to see fresh, informative content that gives them some level of value.

Provide your audience with what they want to see, and they’ll keep coming back for more. You need to become their reliable, trusted resource for valuable information, and there are tools to help you create the content you’ll need to achieve just that. These content creation tools are at your disposal to help you develop a successful landing page that converts clicks into sales and readers into customers.

Title generating tools

title generating tools

Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator
You want to keep your content fresh and updated, but sometimes you may get stuck for ideas about things to write. This handy tool will provide you with idea after idea to inspire you and keep the content coming. Readers love seeing new content, but search engines like it also – and it helps increase your rankings, making it easier for readers to find you!

Title Generator
A headline is just as important – maybe more so – than the actual meat of the article. The vast majority of people won’t even read past the headline, and will just glean the information they need from those few words in the title. Put together headers that make readers want to click and know more with this great title generator.

Idea Generator
Not only will this idea generator give you a suggestion for what to write about and how to title that content, but it will also break down the title and give you a simple explanation for why each element is important. Armed with this knowledge, you can use it to help create more effective headers going forward.

Content writing and editing tools

content writing and editing tools

Hemingway App
Get an easy to visualize reading of the errors and suggested changes throughout your content with the Hemingway App. Use it online or download it to your computer, so you have it anytime and anywhere. It not only points out the errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, but it will give you stylistic suggestions for improvements.

Readability Score
The average content online should be aimed at around the 10 to 13 year old reading level. Ensure that your content is hitting this mark with the help of this readability score tool. Once you know what reading level you’re writing is at, you can make the necessary adjustments to bring it in line with where it should be.

Improve the readability of your content and eliminate potentially embarrassing errors with ProWritingAid. Use it online for free or download it to your computer to use in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and save yourself the time and hassle of transferring your text back and forth to check it.

Ginger Software
When you’ve got Ginger Software installed on your devices and running through your word processor, you can work faster and more efficiently, and cut out mistakes as you make them.

Visuals content creation tools

Visual content creation tools

Just because you’re not a professional graphic designer doesn’t mean you can’t create dazzling designs, especially when you’ve got an incredible tool like Canva at your disposal. Drag and drop features and pre-designed layouts make it simple and fast to put together designs that look like they were done by a pro.

Break down complex ideas or explanations into simple, easy to understand visuals with Creately. Collaborate in real time with others and create more than 50 different types of diagrams to help your readers get a visual image of your content.

Thing Link
A picture says a thousand words – but a picture with words and interactive features in it can say even more. With Thing Link, you can easily annotate videos and images to make your content stand out and get noticed more than ever before.

Pablo by Buffer
Create all sorts of text and image combinations easily with Pablo by Buffer and the easy to use interface. With a few clicks, you can put together an image layered with text, then share and download.

In Conclusion…

Getting your readers to engage and be interested in the content you’re offering is one of the most important factors in developing a selling landing page. Don’t let all of your hard work in driving viewers to your website go wasted, by letting them leave unhappy and unsatisfied with what you’ve given them. Utilize each of these tools to help you create your most successful landing page in order to reach more customers and grow your business. When readers see the value in what you’re giving them, you’ll see a vast improvement in your online sales, and each of these resources can lend a hand in helping you create and add value to your content.


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