News and updates April 2023—Piwik PRO, Common Ninja, UTM for redirect URLs

Last updated: July 14, 2023 6min read Written by: Patrycja Szurgacz
News and updates April 2023 – PiwikPRO, Common Ninja, UTMs for redirect URLs
Table of contents
Table of contents

Piwik PRO Integration

Piwik PRO is a website traffic tracking tool and is an alternative to Google Analytics. This compatible integration with Piwik PRO allows you to track and report traffic data on your landing pages. You can accurately monitor key metrics such as the number of visits, time spent on the site, or conversions to better analyze your campaigns' performance.

You can integrate Piwik PRO with your landing page using a JavaScript snippet.

Common Ninja integration

An extensive library of pre-built widgets and elements, such as buttons, forms, text sections, and more, which you can customize and personalize at will. Easily place any widget on your landing page, pop-up, or lightbox in Landingi. Common Ninja offers A/B testing features that allow you to compare different landing page versions and test which version brings better results.

Pass UTMs to another URL after button click

UTM parameters are tags added to a URL that help you track (for example, in Google Analytics) how a user got to your site. With the option available for the button widget in the editor, you can easily set the UTM parameters to be passed to the redirect URL when the button is clicked.

Find out how to set up UTM and URL for buttons:

Other product updates


—Adding a new test domain: The test domain is available on all paid plans and allows you to test published landing pages even before you connect your custom domain.

In-app integrations

HubSpot and ZendeskSell – solving the problem with integration linking.


—Improving the delivery of notification after exceeding the limits available under Limits Packages (learn more about what Limits Packages are).

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