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Last updated: July 31, 2023 Written by: Patrycja Szurgacz
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      Limit your subaccounts resources to scale your business. Create limits packages for your subaccounts to control the usage of landing pages, unique visits, and domains.

      NOTE: This feature is available with the Agency and Unlimited plans.

      Create and edit a limits package

      You can add limits packages and edit them as the main account of your Agency/Unlimited account only. Your subaccounts won’t view or edit the packages.

      1. Log into your account, you will find the Limits Packages section on the left.

      2. Click on Create your first package or Create new.

      3. Name your package. Each package must have a unique name. Customize the values. You don’t have to set all three limits – the remaining ones will stay unlimited. Click on Create a package.

      4. You will see the list of your limits packages along with the details. The infinity symbol means that the value is set to unlimited.

      5. To edit your package, hover over it and click on Edit. The changes will be applied to all the subaccount with this limit.

      Click on Delete to delete the package. The subaccounts with this limits package will become unlimited, as they will be without a package.

      Assign a package to your subaccounts

      Assign a package to one subaccount

      1. You can quickly access the settings of your subaccount from the list of subaccounts on the left. Click on Main Account.

      2. Click on more (three dots icon) next to the subaccount and assign or set the limits package.

      Manage several subaccounts – bulk action

      1. To assign or change the limits packages to several subaccounts at once, click on your account name in the upper right corner and select Subaccounts.

      2. You will see the list of your subaccounts. Select one or more items and click on Assign a package. You can also set the values to unlimited.

      Exceeding limits – notification

      When a subaccount exceeds the limits of available unique visits for the first time in a month, we will send a notification email to the main account’s owner. The limit renews on the first day of each month, and the subaccount will not be suspended.

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