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Last updated: January 20, 2023 Written by: Patrycja
Table of contents
Table of contents

Every owner of the main account on the Agency plan can customize the address of the sender of notifications and get access to the API documentation to set up automatic subaccount management. 

In this article, you will find a brief description of the Agency Settings tab.

Log in to the platform, click your account name in the upper right corner and go to the Agency Settings tab.

Sender's email address for notifications and the autoresponder

Notifications are emails sent to subaccounts with information about new leads generated by a given subaccount and when the subaccount adds a new subdomain. Emails sent by your autoresponder are messages sent to users who have filled out a form. You can add any email address that you want to appear as the sender of the notification message. Contact our support to configure the settings.

API Documentation

This advanced feature allows you to communicate with our application directly through the programming interface. You can add, edit or delete subaccounts.

Custom login page

As an owner of the Agency account, you can provide your coworkers or clients with your own login page to the Landingi platform. Use our custom login page configuration panel to configure the login page and customize its layout. You can preview the colors of each element. Such page will display under Landingi URL (for example: To learn more, contact our support team.

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