Agency FAQ

Last updated: December 18, 2023 Written by: Author Patrycja Szurgacz
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      1. Can I charge my customers inside the Landingi platform?

      For charging your customers, you will need your own system – there is no internal solution in our platform to handle payments.

      2. What about fees for my customers?

      We will never influence your pricing – your customers are your customers, and besides the settled cost for Agency subscription (and eventually for additional subaccounts), we will not charge you anything more. However, if traffic or domains exceed your plan, we will charge you for that at the end of each month. To avoid so, you can limit your customers’ traffic and/or domains.

      3. Can I embed the login page to the platform & editor on my website? Will my clients be able to log into the platform directly from my site?

      By default, it is not possible to embed the login page on your URL address. Your customers can not log in to your system AND landing page platform at the same time (through one logging). Unified logging may be developed by our programmers, but it involves an individual approach.

      4. How can I limit the number of landing pages, domains, or traffic per subaccount?

      You can limit the number of landing pages from the level of your owner account. You can set any limits. It is also possible to limit your customers’ domains and traffic. To do so, follow the guide about limits packages.

      5. Can my clients register on the platform on their own?

      You need to register your customers and then provide them login (email) and password. There are no automatic messages. Your customers cannot also register on their own.

      6. How much does every additional subaccount cost?

      With the Agency plan, you can add an unlimited number of subaccounts.

      7. Do you provide unbranded support for my customers?

      Our Help Center and chat are Landingi branded. If you want to provide unbranded help to your customers, you need to manage it on your own. Of course, as an account owner, you can still use our Landingi support via chat, email, or phone.

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